International Motorcycle Show in NYC

New York City’s biggest bike trade show, the International Motorcycle Show rode into the Jacob Javits Center in Midtown Manhattan this January. The IMS attracted all the big dogs, the small-timers, and everyone in between. This is primarily a trade show to display the newest bikes and cycle products to the general public. As might be expected in a commercial venue, the doings included a hip-hop act and dance crew, a fashion show, Tap-Out fighters, celebrity built bikes, tons of chrome,  new factory production bikes, demonstrations, debuts, NY vendor style food, beer and lots and lots and lots of vests and patches. Throughout the 3 day event, a couple hundred thousand people made their way through the venue.

FOH Cycle Fab and Custom Fighters shared a booth, intent on generating interest in the fighter scene. Armed with CF mags, shirts, hats, stickers, hooligans and some gnarly FOH fighters we reached our goal, garnering lots of interest in the magazines and bikes.

The FOH V-Strom kept people guessing unsuccessfully throughout the show. So much so that we stuck a sign on the bike, listing what it was not! Each time someone made an incorrect guess, we added it to the list, not that it helped anyone arrive at the correct answer. FOH also supplied a pair of old school GSXR’s with a fresh attitude that was appreciated by those who saw them, and brought many people back to their early days of sportbikes.

A good number of CF members came by the booth to hang out and visit with us, which was much appreciated. Roman’s buddies, the crew from Down4Life stunt team, came to help out and keep the laughs flowing all weekend (both of which they were quite good at). Roman debuted two new bikes here, both of which I had been dying to see — a much anticipated carbon fiber monocoque RC51 fighter, and an ex-race GSXR-turned-fighter with some very trick parts on it (both of which will get full write-ups soon).

I took a walk around the show with my camera, but didn’t find anything worth pulling the lens cover off for, aside from what we brought. I did, however, grab a few cell phone pics for my friends to enjoy (laugh at), which I’ll share because they ARE worth laughing at. The only thing I took my camera out for all weekend was the damage left on my vehicle by Carpark Systems when I stayed at the New Yorker hotel (don’t stay there or let them park your vehicle)!

We received a good amount of positive feedback at the show, which we were glad to see. A lot of the “older” guys were very interested in the fighters (must be the bad ass bikes) and excited about the forum. All in all, it was a good show for us; we had fun hanging out with our fighter friends, exposed some people to the world of fightering, and let a few folks in on some bike-building info.

See ya next year NYC!

Words: Adam Frantz | Pics: Adam Frantz

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