FOH Cycle Fab’s 1988 Suzuki GSXR Streetfighter

This is a bike with a very interesting history, a history I’ve not been able to find out much about…not from a lack of effort on my part though.

I spoke to someone at the Javits show in NYC that recognized the bike in fighter form – thanks to the trick bits adorning it. It was apparently owned by Hungarians that were heavy into racing, as you can see by the parts list. Allegedly, they were caught up in some bad business, the bike began changing hands from person to person who clearly didn’t know what they had, and it eventually came upon someone who saw it for what it was.



Gil Conde found the bike offered for the right price and saw the potential in the un-loved old race bike that had been collecting dust, and he knew just the guy to return the GSXR to its former glory!

Roman Levin of FOH Cycle Fab, builder of this machine, refers to it as “The Shit Bomb”—the brown paint and bomb emblazoned on the clutch cover personifying that. Whether the shaky past or a troublesome build process give it that title, we’ll never know. However, I’d have to say it’s definitely one of the most polished turds I’ve seen!

One thing is for certain though, this bike is setup with some seriously interesting and exotic parts—60 mm Paioli Forks sitting atop Antera wheels with Brembo brakes. Yoshimura carb’s, and alleged engine internals, as well race-braced swinger with a WP shock. Half of the people I’ve spoken with about it haven’t even heard of the rim manufacturer, let alone the Italian fork company that created those fat fork tubes up front. It’s not the list of premier parts that make this bike a custom fighter, but the fab work put into it that brings it to that level.

Roman wanted to keep those parts on spectacle when re-building this former track beast, so with his acute attention to detail, began his work. Chopping wires and moving lines out of sight. Hiding the rear caliper completely within the swingarm. Painstakingly creating custom carbon fiber body work by hand. Molding the alien-esque headlight to give the bike its very distinguishable face. Chopping the exhaust so it fit underneath, so not to block view of another part. Adding details like the spent shell casing covers throughout the engine bay, the incredibly clean top clamp with a simple tach and 3 idiot lights. Paintwork highlighting just the right bits and complementing the body lines amazingly.



1988 GSX-R 750 Frame
Oil Cooled GSX-R 1100 with Yoshimura headwork
Yosh Flatslides
Paioli 60mm Front Forks
Bimota triple clamps (modded for gauges)
Brembo Brake & Clutch Resevoirs
Brembo Calipers and Rotors
Antera Wheels
Custom Braced Swingarm
Custom Rear Brake bracket – mounted inside swingarm.
Brembo rear caliper and rotor
WP Adjustable Rear Shock
Custom Subframe
Custom Carbon Fiber Kawi zx6 tail
One-Off Carbon Fiber headlight unit
Custom Carbon Fiber front Fender
Carbon Fiber overlay on tank
Custom seat
Dirtbike Pegs
636 Taillight Flushed into tail
12 ga. shotgun shell frame and motor mount bolt covers
Custom mix of Brown, Black, and FOH Special Blend Gold

-All custom work from concept to completion by Roman Levin of FOH Cycle Fab ( )

Words & Pics: Adam Frantz

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