GUMBALL 3000 2010 Boston, MA

The Gumball 3000 is touted as the most exclusive car rally in the world. In its 12th year, this year’s rally crossed two continents. Launching over 10 million dollars worth of exotic and unique machinery from London, heading to Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, then across the pond to land in Boston Massachusetts and on to 3 more North American destinations!

Many “trials and tribulations”  occurred on the European leg left the Gumballers feeling drained. The group was not allowed to rally through Denmark.  “The Man” told them if they tried to pass through, they would be ticketed, arrested and have their cars impounded. This resulted in transporting the vehicles on trucks and sending the group for a 9 hour trip by bus-twice what it would have taken with them at the wheel.  After making it through that ordeal, vehicle mishaps occurred resulting in a hacksaw to a GT2 and duct tape body work on that and a Lambo! Traveling through Sweden, twenty-seven plus cars were all pulled over and given hefty tickets. Upon reaching their final European destination, they gave the driving a rest and took the party to a plane completely filled with Gumballers and headed for the USA.

The group still had some party left in them on arrival to Boston, and as is par for the course, stayed up entirely to late for a 9 a.m. departure to their next location. From what I was told, there is not much time for sleep on the trip between driving and partying, so only getting three hours of sleep is not unusual. The sound of v12’s and turbo’s howling below in a parking garage is a fine way to wake up no matter how bad the hangover! Here’s to hoping for a less troublesome North American leg. We’ll update you again with more pictures as they come in, and I’ll report from the final destination as well!

Words: Adam Frantz | Pics: Adam Frantz

3 Responses to “GUMBALL 3000 2010 Boston, MA”

  • 929_adam:

    These Mofo’s know how to party, that much is for sure. I met some very interesting and fun people in Boston!

  • jellyloco:


  • lynchingacers:

    well i love the buggy there near the top i would hella drive the shit out of that provided it had over 500hp lol
    also funny that they got nuts with the Ducc tape and hacksaws lol How to fighter a lambo…
    crash it and remove all fiberglass lol
    well thats what happens in rally…

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