ShowYo Moto’s Iron-Gixx GSXR 1000

ShowYoMoto have done it again with another amazing creation in true ShowYo form. This 02 GSXR 1000 has been hand sculpted into an inspiring machine that looks nearly alive. I took a trip up north to visit with my French/Canadian friends and have a look at the finished product. I tried to capture the amazing details of the bike with my photos for everyone to see, so I hope you enjoy them.

Here’s what Oli had to say about the bike:

After 4 years we decided to do a complete makeover on Akira, we originally built Akira in 2006 as a show bike for events, streetfighter expos and Showyomoto promotions.

We removed all Akira’s stuff , the old R1 tail, the old optima headlight unit etc…All the parts from the old kit were sold and the new project called Iron Gixx was born.

The Concept was, if Iron Man was to ride a motorcycle, he would ride with this bike or something like our Alien street fighter project (Alien should’ve been Ghost riders bike in the Ghost rider movies. When you see the Alien fighter you can easely imagine Nicolas Cage on it, but they prefered to use a Chopper).

The Iron Gixx project started with tons of new ideas like our exhaust kit under the engine completely integrated in the belly pan and the Ducati 1098 tail with all the lights included on it, for the front we used one of our custom head light units called the Iron head light, the side covers needed to themselves more than 60 hours of work to create.

I remember Yoann , day after day, completely absorbed by his work on the side panels. Sometimes after 2 days of plasticine molding, Yoann wouldn’t be happy with the results, stop the work, scrap it all and go buy a twelve of beer to help with inspiration. I cannot remember how many beers he drank to get the final result, but the beer factor definitely had its place on these scoop panels.

The paint job has a good story too, we took over a month to decide which design , color and paint scheme we would use on this bike, nobody at the shop could agree with the different proposals, some friends of ours in France drew 4 different versions of what the iron bike should be, but day after day the choice was becoming more and more difficult.

Grey, black and orange we knew were the colors we wanted to use, we had the colors just not the paint scheme. So we decided the design would be very simple, no air brush, no complicated paint effects, just grey with some touches of black and orange in specific areas. When the parts came back from the paint shop, we started the rebuild and the result was not what we wanted. Too much clear coat, to much orange, the bike looked like a candy or a big shiny toy.. Back to the drawing board and back to the paint shop, but this time no compromises, Lambo grey reventon flat, some black touches faded into the grey, minimal orange touches faded in the black, and the most fucking textured flat clear I have ever seen on a bike. This time the results surpassed our expectations. Just two words “absolutely insane”

Words: Oli Patentini | Pics: Adam Frantz

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