2010 Winter Buildoff Winner – TruckinDuc’s LS650

Trucker Booth of Tennessee has what some would call, a knack for building. Raised around art and motorcycles this young man has a very keen eye for design and the ability to turn those ideas to reality. Working out of his father’s rather sizable and heated shed he tools away on his bikes using little to no money and relying for the most part on ingenuity and thrift.

Trucker won the Builder’s choice award in 2008 with his, previously blog featured, Honda VTR1000. That bike had all custom aluminum body panels, custom airbox/gastank combo unit, homemade exhaust, trellis braced swinger, carbon fiber panels, one-off headlight etc etc. However, as Truck was in an accident on his Duc Monster (keep an eye on the forums for more on that), he has a pretty beat up knee and riding a sport bike is not at all conducive to the healing process for that knee.

Loving to ride about as much as he loves to build, Truck set out to build something that he could pilot more comfortably and still have fun with. He came across a rather unlikely candidate, which I admittedly may have said something along the lines of “why would you waste your time and effort on that”, of a Suzuki Savage – LS650. You’ve all seen them before thumping down the road with a pitter patter potato sound and probably some tassled leather bags, moving ever so comfortably through the countryside. However, Truck had a very different vision for it.

His goal with the bike was to literally, streetfighter it.

“That’s right, you might not think its a streetfighter, but it is. I’m making it more aggressive, lighter, faster, handle better, and stop better. Bike is made to look old, but preform like a modern sportbike. 26 degree rake, 9 degree swingarm angle. Approx 300lbs with some fuel.”

Almost seven months and 14 pages of constant updates later, the Savage had transformed into a respectable machine thanks to our man Trucker! The bike is a major attention grabber and all types of riders stop to appreciate the work that’s gone into it. Most notably, the upgraded suspension, custom swingarm, and custom exhaust. Tie all of that together with the subtle detail work, and you’ve got a well suited back-road cruiser like no other!
Although an unlikely candidate, it’s another well deserved win for Trucker Booth for the ’09 Winter Buildoff! Congratulations on another amazing build with a style all your own Trucker! Keep up the good work, and we’re all awaiting your next creation!

For more on this build, check out Trucker’s original build thread on CustomFighters.com here: Truckinduc’s LS650 Build Thread

Here’s the boys spec and cost list! $550 dollars to build! Amazing!

2001 Suzuki LS 650 Savage (300$)

-GSXR front wheel

-CBR 900rr forks, triples. 170$

-CBR 954 rotor, machined adapter

-ZX10 caliper, machined radial mount adapter

-Hand fabricated sheetmetal – billet aluminum hybrid fork brace

-Modified upper triple to mount Ducati monster risers to front of clamp

-Modified steering stem to accept savage bearings

-Swept back 0 rise drag bars

-ZX6R – 636 clutch perch

-ZX6R front master cylinder

-Honda Express headlight bucket, modified for a modern reflector with machined aluminum adapter

-Machined aluminum headlight mount

-Machined aluminum switch mount

-R1 steering damper mounted

-Machined aluminum tail light and mount

-Ignition pickup mounts modified to make pickup adjustable, 4 degrees advance

-Mikuni 41mm flatslide carb, aluminum adapter with 12 degree offset

-A123 Battery in the works, cells did not arrive in time

-26 degree rake, 9 degree swingarm angle. Approx 300lbs with some fuel

-Gauges from WWII aircraft, mounted in a fabricated cluster

-Fuel tank mounts moved, rear mount fabricated. Seams rolled, dents pulled and filled with lead

-Glass lens fuel cap with machined threaded ring welded in tank and smoothed

-Pingle fuel tap adapter welded in tank

-Seat edges filled, rolled and smoothed. Dimple die holed added

-Structural braces added for spring mount

-Frame modified for leaf spring mount

-CBR954 rear shock. modified for longer softer spring

-Fabricated full swingarm. Axle sliders machined to distribute load

-Ducati M900 rear wheel

-Modified stator cover for trans brake

-CR 80 rotor with machined adapter mounted to countershaft

-Mechanical caliper mounted to engine with machined adapter

-Fully fabricated exhaust, shortened 3 inches

Total including bike, parts and materials, 550$

Words: Adam Frantz | Pics: Devon Goodspeed

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