March 2011 Fighter of the Month Winner – seth420

Q&A With The Winner:

Lance A. Lewsader: What got you into motorcycles?
Seth: ive been riding dirtbikes and fourwheelers since i was 9, my father and mother always had bikes so it was a easy decision to get my first bike on my 16th bday, shit i had a bike 2 years before a car

LAL: What got you into Streetfighters?
Seth: when i was 17 (13 years ago now) i crashed my first bike trying to learn wheelies, stripped off the plastics and zip tied the headlight on, from there every bike ive owned ive streetfightered ( 8 bikes now)

LAL: Why did you build the bike you did?
Seth: lets say i had a idea of what i wanted for years now, but didnt have the tools or skills needed, so i sought after one of the best hands down builders out there,for all u guys who wanna hate for no good reason that i own a nice streetfighter u can shove it sideways, ive built a handfull of fighters and for once wanted someone else todo the work

LAL: Why did you enter this months FOTM?
Seth: dont really know, maybe i shouldnt have, but the votes say what the votes say

LAL: What are your future plans with this bike?
Seth: ride the shit out of it

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