You’re doing it wrong

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I was reading a popular eco based blog recently and the discussion of earth topsoil conservation came up.  Did you know that less then 1% of the earth’s surface is paved?  Just a measly one damn percent for you to get out and enjoy unless you are of the ADV persuasion, and if you are I am sorry. (No ADV riders were harmed in the writing of this article unless you count their feelings which of course they don’t have anyhow because they are lifeless iron assed automatons)

If you are a thrill seeker, which I think inherently most motorcycle enthusiasts are by nature, then you don’t need to get out and sail the Pacific ocean in a one man boat made from duct tape or climb Kilimanjaro blindfolded to get your kicks.  You need to get out and ride every single paved road you can find that connects point A to point B and do it with a smile on your face knowing that the worst incident free day motorcycling is still a shit load better then the best day at work.  And if any of you reading this get to motorcycle for a living, then kiss my corporate American ass because I am green with envy.

Every weekend people can be found engaging in all sorts of activities designed to get the heart racing and their endorphins surging thru their bodies.  Wake boarding, ice climbing, alligator wrestling, extreme knitting…….all produce the same end result that Joe Blow gets each and every day he simply swings a leg over his steed and wages war on the highway as he rolls to his daily grind.  The blood gets pumping and simply put; motorcycling becomes your release because it is good for the heart and soul.

1% people!  That’s all we have at our disposal to share among ourselves, we the road going brethren of mother earth.

Get out and ride.

Don’t sit around and bitch.

~ CK

6 Responses to “You’re doing it wrong”

  • MadMadame:

    I’m gonna sit around and bitch that I can’t get out and ride. :( lol!

  • robbo':

    I bet most of that 1% is satateside tho :D

  • The Nazi’s invented Freeways!

  • rich:

    theres alot more to motorcycling then being confined to that >1% of pavement, and if thats all that you see… well, i feel sorry for you.

  • adam:

    is that why they call em 1%’ers?

    If there’s only one percent of the earth covered in pavement….and I haven’t covered it all, then man….think of how much OTHER stuff I haven’t seen.

    Shit man, what am I doing behind this computer, I’ve gotta get my ass out there! Later!

  • rockler:

    i used to ride bikes for a living. i worked for two local bike magazines in the Philippines before i got myself in where i am now (now i work as the marketing dude for a local motorcycle gear chain store). and yes, riding my bike is the best ever release i get everyday.

    give me my 1% and let me ride all the way till i die!

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