May 2011 Fighter of the Month Winner – CTLuba

Rear Angle View CTLubaRight Side View CTLuba

Left Front Angle View CTLubaLeft Side View CTLuba


Q&A With The Winner:

Lance A. Lewsader: What got you into motorcycles?

CTLuba: I got into motorcycles like every kid, dirt bikes!!!

LL: What got you into Streetfighters?

CT: I got into street fighters while cruising the net. I learned you could make normal bikes look sick with some vision and creativity.

LL: Why did you build the bike you did?

CT: I built the CB750F because when I was kid we would watch all the older guys, ya know the 20 year olds, ride thier GS1100E’s and 900F’s. Those were the cool bikes when I was a kid.

LL: Why did you enter this months FOTM?

CT: My bike has gone through so many changes. It started out real rough. I finally got it to a point where I thought it was pretty sick and done right. I also thought that an old school bike done up right would have a pretty good shot and appeal to a lot of people.

LL: What do you think of your chances for FOTY

CT: I love my bike and it is pretty much where I want it. I got lucky and only two others entered this month. I dont think I have any shot at FOTY. So many sick bikes out there!!!!

LL: What would you say was the most complex part of your build?

CT: Getting the gixxer carbs and home made carb boots to work was a pain the ass. Building the bike was fun as hell. I love its old school look as well as the tough look of the flat black spray job. Glad a lot of people like it. Thanx

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