June 2011 Fighter of the Month Winner – R3voltn1

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Q&A With The Winner:

Lance A. Lewsader: What got you into motorcycles?

R3voltn1: My dad most always had them but that did’nt influence me….I dont think. When I was in high school I stole his Yamaha Virago out of his shop and rode it to an event in town. When I pulled up, all my friends tripped out and the girls started getting interested. So to make along story short …..I felt like king-dingaling and had to get one for myself. A couple years later (against parental wishes) I had bought a Honda 600 F2 from a friend back when they were new and actually learned to ride a bit. After having it a while, I passed a TX state trooper on the back wheel and a chase insued. I had him dusted but in my frantic “get-away” I was checking my mirrors while in a serious corner and lost it in a low side slide. Believe it or not, the cop gave me a ticket and let me lay there bleeding. I was so shocked from wrecking and shocked that he did’nt take me to jail, I hopped on the smashed up F2 and rode home almost passing out in the process. So after a trip to the hospital and 3 whirlpool therapys later, It was time to customize the bike with paint and graphics. Even after all that, motorcycling was in my blood and I just always had to have one. When I didn’t have one, I wanted one……I am sure you probably understand this.

LL: What got you into Streetfighters?

R3v: So after a couple bikes, numerous custom vehicles, marriage, kids, and about 10 years later to now, I ended
up browsing the web, and checking out bikes again because I had a serious hankering for a 2 wheeled ride. But since I was older, my taste had changed a bit and I was a little more interested in naked bikes, but the newer ones just wasn’t to my liking. Then I stumbled upon fight-machines.com and I had to have one like that for sure. After signing up to a couple other forums I also came across Sideshow Bobs build and CBRRRT’s build. I absolutly loved what was going on with these guys and the hunt was on for a Honda. After buying the 929 I signed up on customfighters and started posting my build and in the process got my best bud Alien954 hooked with the disease, so he got one too.

LL: Why did you build the bike you did?

R3v: Honestly at first, it was all experimental. I researched single side swingarms, saw what others were doing, and used some of my metal skills from car customizing and tore into it like a madman. It was all but in peices the second day I had it. Im 38 and was as excited as I was when I was 8 on Christmas morning. I went the total naked route and it was just missing something for me. So a rebuild was in order and I made radiator covers to add some style and different paint colors. I liked it better but was still not satisfied. So after lots of opinions from customfighters and more fabbed up panels later, I finally came up with the right porportions. This bike was a learning experience on what to do and what not to do. I didn’t know what I wanted in the begining but figured out later that I did want a bike that look like a futuristic muslecar. I think I accomplished that and I feel like the next build will be way easier…faster……….and better.

LL: Why did you enter this months FOTM?

R3v: I entered this month because the bike was finished……sort of. It’s never really finished in my eyes. I wanted to add some black paint in some areas and get some detailed pinstripping done for final touches. I just talked myself into entering because I knew I never would “completely finish”.

LL: Your styling always seems to follow a circular pattern. Is there something behind this?

R3v: No, not exactly. I try to follow lines around objects I can’t or don’t want to change and make them flow into the bike somehow. For instance, the round headlight has round features around it but still flows around the forks. The Aprilia taillight has angular lines around it but flows into the seat. The GPS/speedo is square, but it had to flow into the handlebars. It just depends on what objects I’m working with to create the right porportions.

LL: What do you think of your chances at FOTY?

R3v: Now that’s hard to say…..As many talented people there are on customfighters, I’m just not sure. There are 6 more months left, and there’s no tellin what craziness will pop up. That’s what I love about customfighters. Some guys have machining skills, some have paint skills, some have motor mechanic skills, some have fiberglass skills, and all these talents show up in each persons bikes. So everyone has something unique and personalized. You will never please everybody and thats OK. The important thing is that you used your mind to create something special that no one has and it alone inspires a fellow fighter to do it his way on another level.

The happiness and fun I created with my junker 11 year old bike will never match or even come close to a brand new one hidden in the crowd….hands down!

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    This is one of my all time favorite American fighters created by my good buddy Shane.

    Picture the German fighter in your head and no doubt it will be something with its arse kicked high in the air, likewise think British and it probably will be something with an R1 arse and gixa thou usd forks propping up the front end.

    Think American and you have to be thinking R3voltn1.

    In My Opinion this bike is the ride all American streetfighters should draw inspiration from. The level of fabrication and forward thinking that has gone into Shane’s creation is beyond what most of us could do in two life times. The round headlight set into the awesome hand fabricated panels, coupled with the flawless paint work of Blane, AKA- Alien954, the bike has the retro feel of a powerful locomotive driven by a Honda power plant forcing every ounce of horse power squeezed out of every drop of gas in the heavily modified fuel tank, through the crank shaft, out the gearbox, down the chain and into that awesome 18″ car back wheel spinning 240mm of hard core rubber. Love it or hate it, it can’t be denied this bike has presence and I believe it to be a future statement of streetfighter Americana.

    U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S.A.



  • robbo':

    very creative fer sure! A real brave and inovative design up front that woud eithere have bin luved or hated .Seems we all luved it :D well done mate !

  • adam:

    This is one of my favorite bikes right now on CF! We all know I’m crazy for 929’s and R3v’s bike was one of my favorites BEFORE he started on the crazy front end.

    I was skeptical when he started with it and thought it was going to look like a dresser front end with that big headlight surround. I reserved judgment until it was finished and it just came out absolutely amazing!

    VERY DIFFERENT! I’ve never seen a bike like it (before, I’m sure we will). Major props to R3V for not even considering the box in his thinking!

    Keep it up man, you’re an inspiration to us all!

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