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Gdogg’s interview series putting members of Custom Fighters that you should know in the spotlight!


Lance A. Lewsader: I have had a couple folks mention to me after reading your June 2011 FOTM interview that you seem to be combining a few elements. The 50’s UFO craze, Hot Rods, and Future SCI FI. Would you say this is a close representation of your style?

R3VO: I dont know about 50’s UFO, but I guess I can see that. I do like the beefy frontal look of muscle cars and try to incorporate that into the frontal portion of the bike. My goal in doing so is to eliminate visible air space in between the headers and forks. To me its one of the ugliest sections of a bike after the fairings are stripped. The addition of radiator covers widens it as well and covers that hideous chunk of finned aluminum all at the same time. As far as future/sci-fi….that’s a pretty good call. I get ideas from concept bikes from scouring the web. Search results on Google images is my friend.

LAL: In that same interview you said that you make things flow together no matter what shape you are working with. Also that you start with an idea and let things fall as they may. Have you had any projects that you had to start over due to this process?

R3VO: Well…I haven’t ever completely started over but definitely started over on a part or section. If a tail section just didn’t look right to me I would go ahead and “file13” it in the metal pile in my shop or add some proportions to it to make it right. You may think this is funny….but I spend more time walking around the bike I’m working on and looking at it than actual work. I suspend it from the ceiling of my shop and constantly walk a full 360 around it just to check out every angle. If there is an angle or view I don’t like, it gets changed!

LAL: You are being regarded as one of the most talented new comers to the fighter scene. What is your take on this?

R3VO: Wow…that’s a pretty nice thing to say but I don’t really view it that way. I may be skilled in some areas like creating the right proportions or “flow” but there are many areas I wish I had more knowledge of. I’m not a motor head and want to know more about turbos and other horsepower gains. It’s amazing to me to see everyone’s primary talents shine on CF. One guy may have a tricked out turbo system and the next guy machined every part from scratch on his milling machine in his garage. I think it would be cool to put together some of these primary talents and build the ultimate machine with a 4 or 5 man CF crew!

LAL: On that same path do you plan to build fighters for others as a service? Or is it more of a as it happens sort of deal?

R3VO: I enjoy it so much that I would love to do bike projects for people. It’s actually therapeutic from my day job. My bud Blane (alien954) does auto body and paint and would much rather be working on bikes too. We have both talked about doing more on this end of the spectrum. Quite honestly, he is the one that has taught me how to do a lot of things over the years…(more than a decade I should say). In the beginning the only thing I brought to the table was some vision….

LAL: As an owner of one of your one off custom parts, I am extremely lucky. How does having parts out in the world make you feel?

R3VO: Well…..You have that one and only part as of now… lol. I definitely feel good that it is being used and even more glad you like it. Maybe one day you could ask me that again when I have a couple hundred parts out there…..Wouldn’t that be cool. On that note ….Blane and myself have discussed making gas tank fiberglass molds that have cool stuff like air vents etc. for the fighter crowd.

LAL: Are you ever worried that the person with that part won’t do your design idea justice?

R3VO: Na…doesn’t worry me. Once it’s theirs they can put it on the back of their Mazda for all I care. Now if it was a complete bike, and they hacked on it!….maybe a different story.

LAL: So this vision you have. Do you care to share it with us? Or is it all still stuck in your head waiting to escape?

R3VO: When I say “vision” I just mean what I think a motorcycle should look like. That so called look in my eyes is probably different in someone else’s….and that’s OK…..matter of fact it’s great because if everyone had the same taste, we would all have the same ride! When someone says they like my bike they are really saying they like the design and I appreciate that. It makes all that pain from welding slag in my boot and grinding particles in my eye just disappear and forgotten about.

LAL: Let’s say you are building a new bike. What would be your ideal starting platform?

R3VO: Well I obviously like the Honda 9er’s mainly because the single side conversion is a snap to install and it looks like it belongs there. I also like them because they have wide metal tanks to fabricate off of and you can go hog wild with a tail section however you want. My newest build is another 929rr and its called “Future Fighter”. I have been holding back on the pics until I get a little farther ahead.

LAL: How about a sky is the limit budget. What would you do with that?

R3VO: I would really like to take a new turboed Hayabusa, chop and fighter the hell out of it. I would love nothing more to blow some minds that have all the stupid stretched / chrome jobs everywhere around where I live.

LAL: We have delved pretty deep into your brain. We now know what inspires you and got you started. We know who helps you and who you help. Is there anything else about R3VO we need to know?

R3VO: Everyone needs to know that I’m here to help to the best of my ability. This is all fun to me and I appreciate greatly everyone’s comments and opinions good, bad, or indifferent. It’s so cool to see all the noobies coming into CF and thinking back when I first popped into this wonderful community of talented, and knowledgeable folks. Thanks for picking me out of the crowd and letting me shine for 15 minutes. You guys kick ass!

Thank You again man for letting us into your part of the world. It has been interesting.

June 2011 FOTM by R3voltn1

3 Responses to “Who’s Who of CF – R3voltn1”

  • Fastenloose:

    looks more 30s or 40s art-deco than 50s ufo to me. love it, though, whatever it makes people think of.

  • robbo':

    Takes big kahoonas ta take this path and make it work so fookin well.Make me proud ta be a part of this revolution of cuttin edge bilders together inna cutin edge forum !
    R3voltn1 is as diverse and skilfull a custom bilder as we have ever seen here ,props to tha man !

  • D-Don:

    that’s a mean machine for sure. and R3vo is a good dude as well

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