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Lance A. Lewsader: Well we all know you as EMom or Donna or Oldrider and the simplest of all Gavin’s Mother. We also know you came to us through a great tragedy.  What we want to know is what makes you who you are. Never have I seen you with a negative comment. Not even in the face of those who would say negative to you.

Oldrider: I think what we learn along the our path in life, is what shapes & molds us into who we are, even though it changes as we go along. I try to always be ‘positive’ in everything & especially when dealing with people.  The Bible says a kind/quiet/soft word (don’t know which one of those, since I can’t really quote the Bible), turneth away wrath.  My version is, if you really want to be the ‘winner’ in any argument, or personal attack, be prepared to be ‘nice’. Drives ’em crazy if they can’t get under your skin & make you fight back. Also, makes them stop & think about the level of maturity THEY are displaying for the world to see. Works EVERY time! :)
I also have an over-developed sense of loyality & I like to ‘help’ if at all possible. I hate it when someone is unhappy, or suffering, & for whatever reason, I usually side with the underdog.  :(

LAL: First off how do you feel being thought of as EMom to a bunch of rag tag’s like CF?
OR: Being E-mom is a true honor to me. Many young friends have called me ‘mom’over the years, which has made my family larger & better, BUT, being ‘mom’ on CF too, has made me THE one-of-a-kind mom of all time! How many moms get to brag about having 3000 plus children to call her own! Just ME!;)

LAL: Okay with the big question out of the way. You have briefly mentioned in posting that you were involved in motorcycles throughout your life. What got you into them? Without being rude and asking a lady her age. When did you get into them?
OR: I first layed eyes on motorcycles when I was 9-10 years old. My cousin got a big, beautiful Harley & took me flying down the dirt roads at my grandpas’ farm! What a ride! (Until we wound up in the wheat field!) My mom was  less than thrilled with my road-rash & ruined jeans & FORBID me to ever ride again! (Hmmm….stubborn, hot-tempered, Irish child, who NEVER turned down a challenge, was just “FORBIDDEN” to EVER get back on a bike!) To me, she had drawn a line in the sand! ;) When I was older, I road with my brother, brother-in-law, friends, etc., until Hub brought home the ugliest POS you ever saw….for ME!  Wasn’t much of a bike, but it was mine!  There followed dirt-bikes, go-carts, 4-wheelers, dune-buggies, & ALL the fun stuff and our kids tried them all!  I even owned a Chevele that did 60 mph in 4.6 seconds!  (Woot!) I thought I was hot! (Never put the kids at risk & never went beyond my ability) :)

LAL: You have stated you supported your children and their desire to be on 2 wheels. Was there ever any nagging fear in the back of your mind?
OR: Yes, I supported my kids in most everything they did, as well as on the two-wheels. Yes, I had a little nagging fear in the back of my mind, but I also had faith in the power of prayer & I put in many hours of that, as the kids grew & tried more & more things. But, beyond that, I trusted my kids to stay within their ability limits & advance only as fast as their knowledge allowed. I expect them (even now) to always use their brains & think before they act….& they’ll live…  It may not be a perfect system but it’s a good one.

LAL: As a mother can you tell other mothers who may read this what it is that draws everyone to CF and fighters?
OR: There is an inherent “something extra” born in those who love to ride.  Those with that special something extra, gravitate here to CF where they find understanding from like-minded people, who share the excitement & enthusiasm they feel themselves. It’s like “family” when they get here & that is an incredible gift to find when the majority of people CAN’T understand the desire to ride! The “hunger” to know more/feel more can’t be explained to those who don’t have it, & needs no explanation to those who do. I want to quote a member named ‘rough_rider” here, because I believe he wrapped the true feeling of the “perfect ride” when he said: “I have touched the source of all being. Time was not relevant anymore.”

LAL: We at CF are constantly striving to make things bigger, better, and badder. Be it our bikes, our forum, or expansion into other areas. What do you think CF could do to improve?
OR: Hmmm….what can CF do to improve?  Tough question. Hard to mess with perfection! ;) I’d say maybe stock & advertise more merchandise, if possible, to bring in more revenue to the site & then maybe Chris & Adam could have a minute & a half off once in awhile?  :) Really about the only thing that ever bothers me about CF at all, is that some of the noobs post-up & don’t get much response & they go away! I know that people have lives & can’t welcome all the noobs (including me), so what if CF had an auto-welcome w/encouragement to be patient & someone would find & be TOTALLY interested in their build soon?  Just a thought! :)

LAL: On that same note what are we doing right?
OR: Wow! What is CF doing right? Are you kidding me? CF is the ONLY forum on the web where so many personalities can co-exist peacefully & with enthusiasm! With no two people alike, how does this work? It’s integrity….CF has integrity. We allow ourselves to be individuals & still we’re able to share our thoughts, feelings, ideas, likes, dislikes, etc. & do it peacefully. The world could learn something from this gigantic batch of HOOLIGANs! :D

LAL: You have to have a some favorite builds to follow out there right now. Who would a couple of them be? (If I may ask.)
OR: Ah, the build-threads! The backbone of CF! There are always favorite threads everyday! Sorry to say I can’t keep up with all of them & there are so many I have missed, but to list my current favorites would be to leave out my past & future favorites & that wouldn’t be fair to them! I will say, I wish MTG would return, because I believe his thread may have been interesting to ALL of us, but he is one of the noobs I referred to earlier…:D

LAL: When you were ill and in the hospital you received flowers and stuff from CF. Did this surprise you at all?
OR: When I was in the hospital I knew some of this wonderful bunch would pray for me, or send good vibes/thoughts my way & I was VERY thankful! It gave me hope to believe some of them cared enough to pray for me. Then the flowers arrived & the cards & visits & calls & texts! I was surprised & so touched to receive such an out-pouring of love. It must be the reason I’m still alive!  :D

LAL: You have met several of CF’s finest. (We know I tried to make the list.) Is there anyone in particular you have yet to meet and absolutely have to?
OR: I did try my hardest to make a list of CF members I most want to meet, but I can’t. My “short-list” just kept right on growing! It’s NOT possible to say I want to meet some of you guys/gals, more than others. I want ALL….:D

LAL: Would you be up to attending a Fighter Fest in the future?
OR:  I’d LOVE to go to Fighter-Fest & that is one of my goals for the near future! :)

Wow I could go on and on with questions for you. But I think I will end it here for now. Maybe if the readers break down our doors with requests we can do another follow up. Maybe even take some reader questions. What say you?


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