November 2011 Fighter Of The Month Winner – Yantosh

Lance A. Lewsader: What got you into motorcycles?

Yantosh: Always been into motorcycles, don’t remember a time when I wasn’t, grandpa had them, dad had them, cousin, step brothers……. I had toy ones as a child , my first ever bike was a plastic bike and sidecar (I was about 3), as soon as I was 17 I was on the road and I never stopped , 42 this year…

LAL:  What got you into Streetfighters?

Yantosh: I started reading performance bikes in, prob, 1986, my favorite bit was always the readers special at the back, that got me wanting to build a bike, then Andy Sparrows Bloodrunners comic strip appeared …..phatt wheeled, hub steered monsters ….I will build one soon , after that Steve Burns monster bike came along . All these things were what I thought a proper bike should look like and when I bought issue 1 of streetfighters the die was cast.

LAL:  Why did you build the bike you did?

Yantosh: It started innocently enough, I hadn’t built anything for a year or two (the odd mod to my bikes but nothing too extreme), too busy with martial arts, then I picked up a 750 slabby to build a basic simple fighter, it went better than planned and ended up being featured, since then it has continued to evolve and change on a near constant basis. The bike it ended up was never planned, more of an evolutionary process, if it worked it was kept, if not it was discarded.

LAL: Why did you enter this months FOTM?

Yantosh: The bike was finished , the previous months FOTM had only two entries so I thought I’d get in early and get the next months started, it ended up a battle royal, which was good, always better to see a close contest.

LAL: Your bike is a twin turbo build. Do you see turbo’s and superchargers as the next evolution of fighters?

Yantosh: The turbo’s and chargers have been there since the start, along with the one-off trick frame they are the pinnacle for a lot of people, a quick Google search will pull up a fair few twin turbo bike builds. The main trends I see at the moment are car wheels on vfr arms and clip ons, nothing new I know, but becoming more common. another big thing being old skool muscle being brought up to date….but that could just be a lot of us getting older and dare I say a little nostalgic ?

LAL:  This particular bike has undergone a few face lifts. Is it truly done in its current form? Or do you have more in store for us?

Yantosh: Oh I have more in store , in the middle of a turbo efe, a z650/750, a bandit etc but this one is done , can’t spend my whole life building the one bike , too many ideas , got something a bit good planned too which I’ll post about once I start …..see if I can’t win FOTY.

One Response to “November 2011 Fighter Of The Month Winner – Yantosh”

  • robbo':

    Always luved Yans’ work.I hada gut feelin it came from generations of enthusiats,ya caint make up shite that come sfrom tha hart .
    I will alwasy be a fan of his rugged no frills fighter bilds .

    Yantosh from Scotland tha BRAVE!

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