Happy Mothers Day EMOM

It’s Mothers Day again and we all remember to tell our mothers Happy Mothers day. But do we remember our E-Mom? Donna has warmed her way into our hearts and become an integral part of the community. So on this day we say Happy Mothers Day E-Mom from all your children here at CF. Below are just a few sentiments shared from our members.



“when mm passed mom was always on the phone giving everyone updates and making sure i was ok and always asking what she could do to make things easyer … she has always been there for everyone … i love ya mom  …”



“Mine isn’t so much of a time. But of what she does. No matter what thread she is viewing she has a way of really being MOM. She can reprimand someone and put them in their place in such a loving way. No one else could get away with that.”



“You’ve been there for us all, and inspired us all to be there for each other. Customfighters has not been the same since you came on board.”



“I haven’t really interacted with her much. But she was very welcoming to me when i came aboard!”



“Wow where do I start. Donna is one of the nicest, most supportive members we have here. She never has anything bad to say, She has put some people in there place, but even then she does it in a nice way. I have had some medicale problems and she has always been there for me. Donna is on my bucket list of people I want to meet. We all love you. Happy Mothers Day.”



“Emom was very kind and welcoming to me, especially when I was just starting out on the forum. She really made me feel like a member of the CustomFighters family. You really make the forum a better place, Donna. Thanks for everything!”


Mallory Mae

“I consider Emom one of my biggest fans and supporters. And I say ‘fan’ because she has a way of making every person she talks to feel like a superstar. I’ve been lucky enough to be granted another mum, because she truly is that honored, motherly figure to us all. And every time I log onto facbook and have 20+ notifications, I smile to myself and know it’s my Emom, congratulating me on every little thing in my life. Lol! <3”



“Mom’s mailed me about 5 times over my incarceration, she sent me pics of gavin and i she had a uncanny ability of being very calming though her words and the pictures she sent me. I’ve talked with E mom VIA PMs and shes a very strong level headed woman…. I also remember an incident where she pretty much said to an old member “taiden” YOU JUST DOWNLOAD PORN THEN DUH! shes a fantastic lady and they just simply do not make them like Donna anymore. After meeting Gavin and getting to meet Donna on here you can tell why Gavin was why the way he was, he had a great person like donna to be around.”


CF Mum! We was very fortunate that our Ma’ figure joined us here at CF,she has become a E-Mum ,E-sistah anda real good frend to most here.Never a harsh word( LOL mebe once or twice)always a helpfull prod and without fail a supporter of all here who have hard times.I find her posts and comments uplifting and a shinin example of how a true compasinate fellow hooligan’ shoud be .Read her comments follow her example lads we all stand ta learn a thing or two from OUR E-MUM 
Happy mothers day Donna luv ya !

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