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Finally.  It’s been down about as long as my ktm, which I finally got running and repaired.  Changed the oil two years after first buying the stuff to do it!Seeing as I finally have a rideable bike and am back on the road, I’ll preach about gear.  My girl is an RN at a hospital with a level one trauma center, aside from shootings, work related accidents, elderly joint repair, etc., the occasional motorcycle wreck comes through her rehab floor.  Two since the start of the season.  Both wrecks were caused by cagers, both cagers fled the scene, and both bikers wore their gear and lived.  One dude lost his leg below the knee, and the other guy was bruised and banged up (big ol’ fat guy, whose mass absorbed much of the impact, which he also used as an argument for his old lady to lay off the diet thing).

So wear your gear; full face helmet, full or partial leather jacket with crash pads, some natural fiber pants or riding pants, above the ankle boots, and leather gloves.

And always be vigilant for the other guy.


because this would be worthless without a pic


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