Introducing: Custom Fighters Magazine ONLINE!

2009 has been a tough year for almost everyone—We know times are tough and people are tight on money, we’re right there with you. We talked about saving money and being more efficient and came up with a plan. Our original intention was to raise awareness to the Fighter scene in North America, and promote it. The magazine was what felt like a very solid proclamation of whats going on in North America, however printing and distribution was a monetary burden on us and our advertisers. We figured out how to effectively cut costs, but still bring you the same quality content and feel.

What this means is CF Mag is going web based! That’s right, taking it to our internet roots, where our beloved fighterers found us in the first place!

We will be able to bring you the same stories, granted not on paper, however on a much more regular basis and much more free for you. Without having to delay for an affordable print schedule there will be no more reading about Fighter Fest in the winter (beside for the upcoming story), no longer will I have to keep my new bike a secret for 6 months so I can debut it to everyone (besides for this upcoming story), and this opens us up to be able to cover a lot more forum activity and show it to the rest of the world! We will also be offering the stories up in about every language through a very neat translation software utilized with our blog software. Our reach will be much greater, our content more current and relevant!

We realize that this means we owe our subscribers for the magazines they did not receive. We are calculating what and who we owe currently to make right on this. We will also offer to cover the money we owe with CF shirts, hats, stickers or VIP & PWAS memberships, while supplies last. If you are interested in these alternate methods of payback, please contact us at: Otherwise do nothing, and your money will be returned to you by the time your subscription would have run out.

Add to your favorites and most checked as it will be updated regularly with news, sick bikes, and everything fighter!

Keep the Fight Alive!


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