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Cruel Handjob – Motohorho’s Customfighters 2011 Fighter of the Year.

It’s nearly a disservice to have such a late article on, dare I say, one of the top 5 streetfighters in history.  I feel as if the builder, Toni Kivinen and the double aspirated evolution of his GSX-R, deserve a novel, not just a measley blog post.  In lieu of taking even longer to complete the tale of a Cruel Handjob, may I present to your the Fighter of the Year for 2011.


I can remember the first time I stepped foot, so to speak, in Toni’s build thread.  Twincharged, I thought, have I died and gone to horsepower heaven?  I, along with everyone else that had the pleasure of observing this beast come to life, was in awe of the idea and the build itself.  “Cruel Handjob” is not your run of the mill Streetfighter, in fact, I will venture to say that Toni’s GSXR is the paradigm.  Toni has hand-made two Fighters of the Month and two Fighters of the Year; with two different motorcycles.  That many wins speaks highly to his moto-prowess.  Toni is a fighter legend and has set a high bar for Streetfighters not only in America, but also the world.

It’s pretty obvious gazing upon this monster that it’s not a “kit” bike or a catalog bought, bolt on affair. Just about everything between the tires is as custom as custom gets. For example, the tank is handmade and was built around the plenum, specially made to ensnare the twin-charged air.  The carburetors were scrapped for electronic fuel injection, which is no easy task whatsoever, but gives Toni the awesome levels of tune-ability.  And such a fire-breather bitch takes a bit of adjusting.


Let’s not forget the most redeeming quality of Cruel Handjob, two mechanisms of rubber melting, RPM abusing forced induction.   The turbo, providing extreme boost on the top end is supplemented by the supercharger, which fuses pure power throughout the rev range and provides exponential boost enhancement.   The only thing the bike is missing is a container to hold the colossal balls of steel that are needed to pilot this unadulterated velocity contraption.

The FOTY winning Cruel Handjob only stayed in it’s first form for a few weeks.  Toni wanted to continue developing the the whole bike.  The CH fuel system was scrapped for one that Toni built himself. “Supercharger mounting was made again. Upgraded it’s ratio for more boost…Then even bigger turbo was installed. Now heavily modified Holset HX35 inline with that Rotrex supercharger.”  I don’t think I had mentioned before that this monster is running alchohol.


Toni continued with a custom GSX-R headlight setup, and melded it into a gorgerous bare metal body. “Subframe and bodywork is made to be my own style.. Took 2mm aluminium plate and started to cut and weld. Subframe is now 19litre fueltank that is filled with alcohol.” Next he moved on to other areas of the bike, including putting the power to the ground and slowing down. “Swingarm [was] changed from GSXR to 05 R1 with homemade extensions welded to arm. I made rear brakes again using GSXR front caliper.” And speed holes! The second coming is evolving into even more of a gnarly beast. Don’t believe me? According to Toni,”Power starts with [the] number five…and that’s on the wheel.”


Congratulations, Toni, on “Cruel Handjob” and the second Fighter of the Year win. Unfortunately for us at CustomFighters, Toni has chosen to reduce his internet exposure for personal reasons.  So it’s likely that most of us will have the privilege of witnessing the next evolution of his twincharged power-child. I feel honored to have the opportunity to write this article for one of the most prestigious fighterers on the planet Earth.   May the fighter spirit carry on within us during this life and beyond, Motohorho.





-Al Musacchia “thaOrleanyte”

Who’s Who – CK 187

Lance A. Lewsader: Who is (Craig) CK 187?

CK: Just a regular dude with a family and a irregular passion for all things motorcycling. Old, new, shiny, black, dirt, street………..i love it all. I’m a former racer of many many many forms of mechanized shit. MX, hare scrambles, ATV’s, PWC’s, stock car, flat track. If it has a motor, I will race it.

LAL: Why the name Captain Awesome? Aside from the fact you are just awesome.

CK: It was a name given to me in jest by some of my old welding cohorts. They said I would swoop in and save the day or get them out of a jam. So one day they wrote CAPTAIN on one weld glove and AWESOME on the other. After that it stuck.

LAL: Why should the CF masses trust and believe in you?

CK: I’m a man of my word. It may take me awhile because my life has been chaotic as of late, but I always deliver especially to those in need.
LAL: You recently left Wisconsin for the south and sunshine. Not having the ice racing and such, is this going to have any effect on you?

CK: Ugh. I already miss the ice, but I will never miss the snow. I think the “extended” riding season of the southern US will soothe my pain just fine though.

LAL: Speaking of ice racing. You never built an Ice Fighter? Are you leaving that up to those you left behind? <— A very loaded question cause us Mods can harass each other like that.

LAL: Ratfighter (Ben) has that category firmly in hand, and I know I can always count on my old pal Ryan S to keep the torch hoisted for ice going sportbikers everywhere.

LAL: What brings you back to CF daily?

CK: The brotherhood and camaraderie. This place is a community and a movement, not just a website.
LAL: What drives you mad most about being a CF Mod?

CK: When threads are put in the wrong categories. It sounds small, but it takes a lot of time to individually move all of them suckers around. I’m kind of a neat freak though and like stuff in it’s place.
LAL: You are the new Blog badass. Do you have any HUGE scoops planned? 

CK: maybe……………….stay tuned and see
Lance: There ya have it folks. The man, the myth, the legend. Keep watching the CF Blogosphere as this man is going places.

Who’s Who of CF – Oldrider

Lance A. Lewsader: Well we all know you as EMom or Donna or Oldrider and the simplest of all Gavin’s Mother. We also know you came to us through a great tragedy.  What we want to know is what makes you who you are. Never have I seen you with a negative comment. Not even in the face of those who would say negative to you.

Oldrider: I think what we learn along the our path in life, is what shapes & molds us into who we are, even though it changes as we go along. I try to always be ‘positive’ in everything & especially when dealing with people.  The Bible says a kind/quiet/soft word (don’t know which one of those, since I can’t really quote the Bible), turneth away wrath.  My version is, if you really want to be the ‘winner’ in any argument, or personal attack, be prepared to be ‘nice’. Drives ’em crazy if they can’t get under your skin & make you fight back. Also, makes them stop & think about the level of maturity THEY are displaying for the world to see. Works EVERY time! :)
I also have an over-developed sense of loyality & I like to ‘help’ if at all possible. I hate it when someone is unhappy, or suffering, & for whatever reason, I usually side with the underdog.  :(


Winter 2k11 Build Off Winner – Knifemaker

Winter Build Off 2k11 Right Side ViewWinter Build Off 2k11 Rear View













The time has come for yet another CF winter buildoff, so we thought we would take the time to look back at our most recent winner and owner of the amazing carbon clad creation you see.





I took a moment to ask Knifemaker what makes him tick and the thought process that went into his Winter Build Off Winning Bike.

Lance A. Lewsader: What was your inspiration behind this build?

Chris (Knifemaker): I actually stumbled across a picture of a Honda VT1000 Hawk Concept and absolutely loved it.

I really wanted to build a V-Twin bike, as all my other bikes have been twins, but when the F2 fell in my lap for $500 I couldnt pass it up especially after seeing Fathead03’s F2 build-off thread. It challenged what I thought of as far as custom fabrication goes, and I really wanted to give it a try.

LL: How many hours would you say you have in this build?

Chris: It is really hard for me to gauge hours, but I have been working on the bike since last June. I would say 1000+ hours of work would be conservative. Especially if you include all the machine time, fabricating, carbon fiber work, mechanical work, and finishing.


DesmoBIBU ~ Doing “Streetfighters” & cafe’s the way Ducati should have

Every so often in the street fighter community someone brings a new and interesting flavor to the scene and surprises everyone with some stunning build photo’s and a mindful tip of the hat in the direction of the fightering masses. Enter desmoBibu from Romania. A cheerful bloke with a desire for the Ducati’s. When he isn’t turning a wrench, he is thinking about it.

I contacted Bibu and got the inside perspective on his beautiful GTV cafe and the ideals behind his current crop of SuperSport goodness. At the very least I can say I am impressed with the level of dedication motorcycle builders have, the world over, we all speak the same language when it relates to chassis codes and torque specs.


Who’s Who of CF – R3voltn1

Gdogg’s interview series putting members of Custom Fighters that you should know in the spotlight!


Lance A. Lewsader: I have had a couple folks mention to me after reading your June 2011 FOTM interview that you seem to be combining a few elements. The 50’s UFO craze, Hot Rods, and Future SCI FI. Would you say this is a close representation of your style?

R3VO: I dont know about 50’s UFO, but I guess I can see that. I do like the beefy frontal look of muscle cars and try to incorporate that into the frontal portion of the bike. My goal in doing so is to eliminate visible air space in between the headers and forks. To me its one of the ugliest sections of a bike after the fairings are stripped. The addition of radiator covers widens it as well and covers that hideous chunk of finned aluminum all at the same time. As far as future/sci-fi….that’s a pretty good call. I get ideas from concept bikes from scouring the web. Search results on Google images is my friend.


Erik Buell Interview

I recently sat down with Erik Buell of Erik Buell Racing. Having been on the forefront of the American Sport Bike scene for many years, EBR recently took a major hit when Harley Davidson suspended their operations. Now, Erik has set out to recreate the scene – again.

Craig Kruckenberg: Now that you’ve had time to absorb everything that happened, how do you feel about HD (Harley Davidson) and what happened to Buell Motorcycles?

Erik Buell: I’m sorry that we didn’t get to do the things that we wanted to do, or rather the things that I wanted to do. They had to make the hard choices and unfortunately it was to focus on the core market of that business model that existed in the late 80’s. I don’t know that it was the right choice, but it wasn’t my choice to make. I hate losing the inertia and the forward motion that we had, it has its advantages as well. Now I can do what I want and what needs to be done to bring the American sport bike to the forefront. A fresh start and freedom to set my own agenda is exactly what I need.


Crank It Cycles – Custom Streetfighters

Crank It Cycles Custom StreetfightersCrank It Cycles opened its doors in Woodside, N.Y., in 2004. Shop owner Waxy Scanlon, formerly of Ireland, moved to the U.S. to build fighters professionally, after years of building them in his garage. With nothing but a toolbox and a computer, he found a space to rent. Then, splitting time between his construction company and the new shop, he devoted himself to his first Crank It Cycles build, a 900RR. He sold it to someone in Ireland, who spotted the bike online and arranged to have it shipped over.

After about six months trying to be in two places at once, frustrated that things weren’t moving more quickly, Waxy decided it was time to enlist qualified help. Fellow biker Sandy Frayman, who lived nearby, joined the Crank It team after meeting Waxy through a friend. Sandy, involved with bikes all his life, had been following the fighter scene for several years, but had never actually built a fighter — until he began working for Crank It Cycles. His background as a mechanic, welder, fabricator and all-around “MacGyver” was a great asset; even when he didn’t know how to do something, he could damn well figure out how! “We don’t call Sandy ‘the bracket man’ for nothing,” Waxy says.