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IMS 2012 – International Motorcycle Show at Jacob Javits Center in NYC, New York

The International Motorcycle Show (IMS) makes its way around the country every winter to keep all of us hibernating bikers chomping at the bit for the upcoming riding season. Billed as “The World’s Largest Motorcycle Show,” it features all of the major motorcycle manufacturers, as well as helmet and gear companies, aftermarket parts manufacturers, motorcycle insurance companies, stunt shows, food concessions, and about anything else you can think of related to the lifestyle.


Slimey Crud Run 2011: A trail of destruction












Lets begin this by summarizing the ‘Crud. It’s a bike gathering that is the official, unofficial ‘cafe gathering started quite some years ago by a small unofficial group of riders known as “The Slimey Crud”, of which world renowned author and journalist Peter Egan is a founding member. It’s basically evolved into a gathering of exotic Italian machines, others are from the land of the rising sun, and made purely from unobtanium (thanks for the word Craig) and worth a life to most riders. It’s an incredible experience to be smack dab in the middle of. I can’t imagine anything more interesting than meeting up at one location on the first Sunday in May and again in October, checking out some bikes, forging a trail to location number two and seeing what is there as some don’t go to one, but will end up at the other, some don’t find the second location, hell, some just don’t know!


From the official Slimy Crud website –
“There are no big ad campaigns, no corporate sponsors, no official website, no local or regional newspaper or TV promotions, not even the usual obligatory one-size-promotes-all beer banners with the name of the event emblazoned on a huge blank white spot.”
“The Crud Run meanders across the scenic Wisconsin River valley from Pine Bluff in Dane county to Leland in Sauk County. The distance between the villages is less than 30 miles in a straight line, but the road mileage can vary from about 70 to, well, who knows? No specific route is prescribed, so the best way to go depends entirely on your imagination.”



International Motorcycle Show in NYC

New York City’s biggest bike trade show, the International Motorcycle Show rode into the Jacob Javits Center in Midtown Manhattan this January. The IMS attracted all the big dogs, the small-timers, and everyone in between. This is primarily a trade show to display the newest bikes and cycle products to the general public. As might be expected in a commercial venue, the doings included a hip-hop act and dance crew, a fashion show, Tap-Out fighters, celebrity built bikes, tons of chrome,  new factory production bikes, demonstrations, debuts, NY vendor style food, beer and lots and lots and lots of vests and patches. Throughout the 3 day event, a couple hundred thousand people made their way through the venue.


Fighter Fest 2009

In its second year, Fighter Fest, has become the only bike show I look forward to attending each year. Sponsored by Karns Performance during Carlisle Bike Fest, FF is a show within a show. We have our own corner of the giant annual event with a few other un-categorizable bike companies, to do our fightering away from the usual show bikes. Walking through our small area there was about 50 of the baddest bikes in the US all together lined up for every enthusiast to examine and question. Packs of 20 fighters riding to and from the show together, had to be one of my favorite experiences. Looking over either shoulder during rides and seeing fighters that would stop me in my tracks anywhere else riding with me was truly the most enjoyable time on my bike of the year! For the most part, the weather was perfect, aside from a bit of rain on Friday. During the day, those at the show hung around under the tents, chatting with old and new friends alike. Faces and bikes were connected with screen names for the first time. Jokes were made, laughs were had, food was consumed, beer was drank, the only thing serious was the bikes!


Aussie Streetfighters’ April Fools Run Celebration

Aussie Streetfighters April Fools RunCASINO, NSW, AUSTRALIA – Ever wanted to know what it takes to make a die-hard biker? You could have found out at AFR09 – the annual Australian streetfighters’ run.

Even the weather was die-hard…. appallingly so. The campsite was a virtual flood plain, and everyone got wet to the bone at least once. But did that stop them from coming? Hell it did! Riders from as far afield as Gladstone and Melbourne, who had ridden in pouring rain for the entire journey, were smiling like Cheshire cats.

The place was abuzz with non-stop stunt riding by Australia’s best riders, who use the event as their own personal playground.