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Motorcycling zen @ Lossa Engineering

Cafe, bobber, retro, custom……………… these bikes what you will, but Long Beach CA based Lossa Engineering gets it.  That thing that drives people to endlessly tinker and seek perfection and a sense of mechanical completion that does not exist.



















This is art meets motorcycling zen. The quest for the perfect blend of emotion, power, simplicity, desire, and good old two wheeled abandonment that frees the soul.


Check out their really cool short film “Solus”, and find lot’s more at their website



Video: Extreme Creations

Extreme Creations, located in Brookvale, Sydney Australia, is a full service shop run by Ben Shaw. They specialize in fighters and highly modified motorcyles offering everything from repairs, and full builds, to custom body pieces, machining, fabrication, even product development and pattern making!

Ben has been in the business for a long time and is obsessed with all things two wheeled. He builds some of the most extreme fighters in Australia as you will soon see.

Stay tuned for an upcoming feature on Extreme Creations from Custom Fighters!

Extreme Creations

Video and Text Provided By: Mark Boxer