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November 2010 Fighter of the Month Winner – radiobloke

radiobloke's custom Honda CBR Streetfighterradiobloke's custom Honda CBR Streetfighter


Erik Buell Interview

I recently sat down with Erik Buell of Erik Buell Racing. Having been on the forefront of the American Sport Bike scene for many years, EBR recently took a major hit when Harley Davidson suspended their operations. Now, Erik has set out to recreate the scene – again.

Craig Kruckenberg: Now that you’ve had time to absorb everything that happened, how do you feel about HD (Harley Davidson) and what happened to Buell Motorcycles?

Erik Buell: I’m sorry that we didn’t get to do the things that we wanted to do, or rather the things that I wanted to do. They had to make the hard choices and unfortunately it was to focus on the core market of that business model that existed in the late 80’s. I don’t know that it was the right choice, but it wasn’t my choice to make. I hate losing the inertia and the forward motion that we had, it has its advantages as well. Now I can do what I want and what needs to be done to bring the American sport bike to the forefront. A fresh start and freedom to set my own agenda is exactly what I need.


Teach McNeil BMW Rider S1000RR

Chris Teach McNeil started out riding in New Hampshire with Core6 and crew. They put out a few videos, all of which wore out in our dvd players – and they rode the summer nationals in Worcester every year, killing it in the tunnels. I saw teach practicing one morning with Tony D, just the two of them, early in the morning and the two of them started having a little imprompteau game of horse. I sat there for an hour or so and watched run after run of flawless 180 endos and circle wheelies in the tight tunnel of Worcester, I knew that I was watching some of the very best riding in all of our country at that moment in time. If you’ve watched Teach ride, you know what I’m talking about. Wide open throttle is his credo and the fast paced stunts he puts down are so exciting to watch. He effortlessly performs all his stunts and puts together an amazing routine thanks to his drive and determination to excel at what he does.

When I heard about the BMW S1000RR, I was excited for more than just the obvious reasons. BMW sponsoring Teach was awesome, and everyone was glad to see them working together…but taking him off the I4 motors and putting him on the F800 put a bit of a damper in his WOT riding style. Seeing him back on an inline 4 motor has brought back the very exciting element to his aggressive riding style that was sorely missed by many.

Video and pics after the jump!


Alex Stunts – Alex Flores and his Kawasaki 636 stunt bike

Alex Flores of sunny California took some time with me at the end of last year to put down a private session and quick interview for CF. We met up and looked for some good spots to shoot at in the Cali hills but were denied by gates at about every entrance we could find, so we headed to a spot he knew near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Flores has won many competitions, including the 2007 XDL Championships in Arizona (see video to the left), put out many videos, and been an influential rider since he started stunting in 2000, so I thought the CF’ers would be interested to check him out.

He’s got a nicely setup naked Kawi 636 with a cool looking wrap (has since changed it for this year, so look for it) and some trick parts on it to help with his stunting.  He is currently sponsored by some pretty big companies, such as Shift, Fast Line and Tygershark Cages.

He put together a nice display of his tricks for me to see that day and definitely had me hooting and hollering behind the camera lens:


October 2010 Fighter of the Month Winner – Skullrod

Skullrod's Custom 2002 Honda CBR 600 f4i StreetfighterSkullrod's Custom 2002 Honda CBR 600 f4i Streetfighter


September 2010 Fighter of the Month Winner – Sideshow bob


ShowYo Moto’s Iron-Gixx GSXR 1000

ShowYoMoto have done it again with another amazing creation in true ShowYo form. This 02 GSXR 1000 has been hand sculpted into an inspiring machine that looks nearly alive. I took a trip up north to visit with my French/Canadian friends and have a look at the finished product. I tried to capture the amazing details of the bike with my photos for everyone to see, so I hope you enjoy them.

Here’s what Oli had to say about the bike:

After 4 years we decided to do a complete makeover on Akira, we originally built Akira in 2006 as a show bike for events, streetfighter expos and Showyomoto promotions.

We removed all Akira’s stuff , the old R1 tail, the old optima headlight unit etc…All the parts from the old kit were sold and the new project called Iron Gixx was born.

The Concept was, if Iron Man was to ride a motorcycle, he would ride with this bike or something like our Alien street fighter project (Alien should’ve been Ghost riders bike in the Ghost rider movies. When you see the Alien fighter you can easely imagine Nicolas Cage on it, but they prefered to use a Chopper).


2010 Winter Buildoff Winner – TruckinDuc’s LS650

Trucker Booth of Tennessee has what some would call, a knack for building. Raised around art and motorcycles this young man has a very keen eye for design and the ability to turn those ideas to reality. Working out of his father’s rather sizable and heated shed he tools away on his bikes using little to no money and relying for the most part on ingenuity and thrift.

Trucker won the Builder’s choice award in 2008 with his, previously blog featured, Honda VTR1000. That bike had all custom aluminum body panels, custom airbox/gastank combo unit, homemade exhaust, trellis braced swinger, carbon fiber panels, one-off headlight etc etc. However, as Truck was in an accident on his Duc Monster (keep an eye on the forums for more on that), he has a pretty beat up knee and riding a sport bike is not at all conducive to the healing process for that knee.


August 2010 Fighter of the Month Winner – moto15


2009 Fighter of the Year – Greencheezeeta’s Kawasaki Z1000

Gavin “Greencheezeeta” Butts first came upon our forum toward the end of 2008, and immediately fell in pace with the group as if he’d been here from the beginning. His Z1000 had already begun transforming when he showed up, and really took off on these pages. Such enthusiasm was put into that bike. He loved it so much, not only was he spending hours in the garage building it to his taste, he was making dance videos, doing risque photo shoots with it, riding it everywhere to show it off-spreading the word about streetfighters, and showing people the light to fightering their own bikes (sometimes forcefully). As a result of his enthusiasm for fighters and modification, a good number of people have come to CF from numerous other forums, as well as some of his local friends and riding buddies.