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Finnish Stunt Crew Plan Bee Calls It Quits

Finnish motorcycle stunt team Plan Bee´s eight-year career has come to an end.   The team has performed in a wide variety of venues,  from industrial sites and courtyards to Germany´s  Hockenheim Nitrolympx events in front of 80,000 people.

During the last three years, Plan Bee has been blessed with KTM factory equipment and support.   Therefore, it was an easy decision to end their career while they were still “on – top”. A quick note from Plan Bee: “Riders still do not stop riding, the bikers are here to stay!   They all have their own way to go.”


FOH Cycle Fab StreetKilla 1992 Suzuki GSXR

Newest creation out of FOH’s garage a cleaned up water-cooled GSXR, ready to kill the streets

1992 Suzuki GSXR
Mikuni RS flat slide carb
99 GSXR 750 wheels
99 GSXR brake rotors and calipers
Yosh RS3 exhaust shortened with custom flange
One off carbon fiber tail section
KXF headlight modified and reproduced in carbon fiber
05 GSXR 1000 tail light fit in tail
Modified stock rear sets


Fighter Fest 2009

In its second year, Fighter Fest, has become the only bike show I look forward to attending each year. Sponsored by Karns Performance during Carlisle Bike Fest, FF is a show within a show. We have our own corner of the giant annual event with a few other un-categorizable bike companies, to do our fightering away from the usual show bikes. Walking through our small area there was about 50 of the baddest bikes in the US all together lined up for every enthusiast to examine and question. Packs of 20 fighters riding to and from the show together, had to be one of my favorite experiences. Looking over either shoulder during rides and seeing fighters that would stop me in my tracks anywhere else riding with me was truly the most enjoyable time on my bike of the year! For the most part, the weather was perfect, aside from a bit of rain on Friday. During the day, those at the show hung around under the tents, chatting with old and new friends alike. Faces and bikes were connected with screen names for the first time. Jokes were made, laughs were had, food was consumed, beer was drank, the only thing serious was the bikes!


French V Max 1540

VMax 1540 StreetfighterIn the realm of Cult bikes, a small handful that carry a truly dedicated following spring to mind.

The era of disco gave us polyester and the CB750.

The early 80’s ushered in the age of excess and the muscle bike genre, which turned out such glorious machines as the CBX, GS1000 Katana, and the KZ1000.

Then, in 1985, Yamaha dropped a bomb on the motorcycle world that has generated one of the largest cult followings to date … the V MAX.

The 1985 model year released the bike that turned motorcycle enthusiasts on their collective ass:1200cc of V4 powered muscle that unleashed 145hp of “V-boosted” madness at the turn of your right wrist. All this in a package that was designed to do one thing very well: Go as fast as you could in a straight line. There were no excuses from Yamaha about this. Mr. Araki (now GM of Yamaha motorcycle operations in Japan) was the project leader of the V Max design team in 1984. He was inspired to build an American Hot Rod in the form of a motorcycle. He made a trip to the USA to research his target market, falling in love with American drag racing, both on the strip and on the street. When the bike ran a sub 11-second quarter mile out of the box, their goal was accomplished.


Honda CBR 929 #1

929We all feel the need to put our own personality and performance into our builds. Even though they become ours eventually, many of us are drawn to a particular model that favors our distinct tastes. Our editor-in-chief has a twisted fetish for Honda’s CBR929RR—to a point that he decided to name himself after it, and has owned 3 929RR’s to date. And like so many projects, good intentions and planning often get sidelined by life and responsibilities. This particular build had a lot of ups and downs and unforeseen curve balls thrown at it over the years. I teased him regularly that it had made a groove in the garage floor from sitting so long.929 #1 had a bit of a hard life before it got to the point where it is now. After looping a wheelie during the Summer Nationals in Worcester, MA, in 2006, it was put in the garage to await its first rebuild. The next summer, it was put back together for a short two days that revealed a very unnerving problem. The previous summer’s incident had cracked the lower steering bearing race. This small oversight turned its ugly head while out for the season’s first ride. Thankfully, the problem was recognized before any bodily or further mechanical harm could be inflicted. Once again, the bike was stripped and shelved until a new frame could be sourced.


Video: Extreme Creations

Extreme Creations, located in Brookvale, Sydney Australia, is a full service shop run by Ben Shaw. They specialize in fighters and highly modified motorcyles offering everything from repairs, and full builds, to custom body pieces, machining, fabrication, even product development and pattern making!

Ben has been in the business for a long time and is obsessed with all things two wheeled. He builds some of the most extreme fighters in Australia as you will soon see.

Stay tuned for an upcoming feature on Extreme Creations from Custom Fighters!

Extreme Creations

Video and Text Provided By: Mark Boxer

Introducing: Custom Fighters Magazine ONLINE!

2009 has been a tough year for almost everyone—We know times are tough and people are tight on money, we’re right there with you. We talked about saving money and being more efficient and came up with a plan. Our original intention was to raise awareness to the Fighter scene in North America, and promote it. The magazine was what felt like a very solid proclamation of whats going on in North America, however printing and distribution was a monetary burden on us and our advertisers. We figured out how to effectively cut costs, but still bring you the same quality content and feel.


December 2009 Fighter of the Month Winner – Yantosh

Streetfighter of the Month WinnerStreetfighter of the Month Winner