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FOH Cafe

FOH Cafe RacerRoman Levin of FOH Cycle Fab has to be the hardest-working builder on the North American fighter scene. Roman has consecutively turned out one after the other of the baddest fighters in North America over the past year. His love for the bikes he builds, attention to detail, and distinct style push him to the top of the industry, one bike at a time. This stunning cafe took almost two years to complete, as it took back-burner to the DL fighter, my 929 #1, and various other projects.
Clearly, any cafe purists would scoff at us for calling this bike as such, with all the modern bits on it. But it has all the iconic stylings of a cafe, stripped to bare essentials with its small humpback tail, low bars, and single round headlight. What purists may refer to as essentials, would not be nearly satisfactory for today’s fighters. The TL’s powerful twin motor, updated Kawi front suspension, Triumph rear arm and oversized rim, loud snorting exhaust, striking mixture of paint and carbon fiber bodywork bring the classic styling to a high performance machine.


January 2010 Fighter of the Month Winner – seth420

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