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Fighter Fest 10 or bust!

Well folks there has been a shitload of work up to our crowning moment of the year! Fighter Fest ’10 is here and we’re packing up and heading out! I’ll try to keep you guys posted along the way and will have a write up after our return and I sort through all the photos. It certainly promises to be a good year.

If you’re coming. . . you shouldn’t have any problem finding us this year. Look for the 12 foot wide skully on a trailer and/or the tent full of insane customs built by FOH Cycle Fab and Trucker Booth.

See you there fighters!

Minor Fighter

This Blog update is coming to you from the Island of Indonesia (that’s between China and Australia for you geographically uninformed fighters). There is a surging streetfighter scene there that is very creative and different! Theo Burggraaff has started his own blog to keep tabs on whats going on in the land of MF, so we’ll let him explain their story…

The most common way of transportation here in Indonesia is the scooter. It is simple, effective and gas is quite cheap. Indonesia is one of the biggest consumers for these little scooters in the world. Nearly everyone owns a Honda, Yamaha or Suzuki scooter. With the given fact that there are 260 million people living in Indonesia, that is a LOT of scooters.


June 2010 Fighter Of The Month Winner – Spikeydevilbandit