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2009 Fighter of the Year – Greencheezeeta’s Kawasaki Z1000

Gavin “Greencheezeeta” Butts first came upon our forum toward the end of 2008, and immediately fell in pace with the group as if he’d been here from the beginning. His Z1000 had already begun transforming when he showed up, and really took off on these pages. Such enthusiasm was put into that bike. He loved it so much, not only was he spending hours in the garage building it to his taste, he was making dance videos, doing risque photo shoots with it, riding it everywhere to show it off-spreading the word about streetfighters, and showing people the light to fightering their own bikes (sometimes forcefully). As a result of his enthusiasm for fighters and modification, a good number of people have come to CF from numerous other forums, as well as some of his local friends and riding buddies.


July 2010 Fighter Of The Month Winner – u531355