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Ian McElroy’s Newest Creation – The Kickboxer Diesel Concept!

Last year Ian put out his rendering of the Kickboxer concept bike based around Subaru’s boxer engine. Thinking economically, Ian has come up with a more compact and efficient motor to base the project around, and we all know how tunable turbo diesel motors are! Can you say propane injection?!

The orange rendering is the standard diesel model which he has put some great work into. The design and aesthetics here are amazing. All the bits and pieces are very well thought out and flow together beautifully! The blue rendering is the two wheel drive model! Yes, 2wd! Where do I place my order?!

From Ian: For those who are interested. I’ve been wanting to put Subaru’s diesel engine in the Kickboxer ever since I finished the design. The diesel engine is more compact than it’s gasoline counterpart, and the idea of a powerful engine that affords great fuel economy really appealed to me. Making the engine fit was relatively easy, but I also decided to differentiate the Diesel bike from the original with new bodywork, swingarms, and a different turbo layout.


Ryan Suchanek Wheelie Record on Ice

Location: Lake Koshkonong, WI

Date: 02/05/11

Temp: Cold

When someone sets out to perform a “world record” these days lots of people roll their eyes and think that some whack job has now grown the longest beard, had 44 kids, performed open heart surgery on a roller coaster or something of the insane sort. When Ryan Suchanek decided to set out for a world record for the fastest wheelie it was with a twist.That being, the attempt was to be made on a frozen lake in the heart of the Midwest in the middle of winter. To add to the challenge, Ryan is the only competing amputee stunt rider after losing his left leg in a tragic street bike accident several years ago!