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Who’s Who of CF – R3voltn1

Gdogg’s interview series putting members of Custom Fighters that you should know in the spotlight!


Lance A. Lewsader: I have had a couple folks mention to me after reading your June 2011 FOTM interview that you seem to be combining a few elements. The 50’s UFO craze, Hot Rods, and Future SCI FI. Would you say this is a close representation of your style?

R3VO: I dont know about 50’s UFO, but I guess I can see that. I do like the beefy frontal look of muscle cars and try to incorporate that into the frontal portion of the bike. My goal in doing so is to eliminate visible air space in between the headers and forks. To me its one of the ugliest sections of a bike after the fairings are stripped. The addition of radiator covers widens it as well and covers that hideous chunk of finned aluminum all at the same time. As far as future/sci-fi….that’s a pretty good call. I get ideas from concept bikes from scouring the web. Search results on Google images is my friend.


FOH Cycle Fab’s 1988 Suzuki GSXR Streetfighter

This is a bike with a very interesting history, a history I’ve not been able to find out much about…not from a lack of effort on my part though.

I spoke to someone at the Javits show in NYC that recognized the bike in fighter form – thanks to the trick bits adorning it. It was apparently owned by Hungarians that were heavy into racing, as you can see by the parts list. Allegedly, they were caught up in some bad business, the bike began changing hands from person to person who clearly didn’t know what they had, and it eventually came upon someone who saw it for what it was.


Motorcycling zen @ Lossa Engineering

Cafe, bobber, retro, custom……………… these bikes what you will, but Long Beach CA based Lossa Engineering gets it.  That thing that drives people to endlessly tinker and seek perfection and a sense of mechanical completion that does not exist.



















This is art meets motorcycling zen. The quest for the perfect blend of emotion, power, simplicity, desire, and good old two wheeled abandonment that frees the soul.


Check out their really cool short film “Solus”, and find lot’s more at their website



Pirelli blends techie iPhone’s with street riding

Pirelli Tires

photo courtesy of Pirelli tires

“To honor the success of the Diablo family of performance tyres as copious companions for sporty road and racetrack use and its renewed role as Official Tyre Supplier to the Superbike World Championship, Pirelli has released the Diablo Super Biker iPhone App via the Apple® App StoreSM and iTunes.”


Sneak peek of new Husqvarna 900 sumo badass

Husqvarna has a long history dating back to 1689 when the first Husqvarna plant was established as a weapons foundry. Over the years, Husqvarna has produced a large range of different products, including sewing machines, lawn equipment, bicycles, motorcycles and kitchen equipment. But, this new offering from the multi talented industry powerhouse isn’t your mom’s sewing machine or your brothers Schwinn.

Husqvarna 900

Husky's sexy rear

Husqvarna has taken a BMW F800 parallel-twin motor, and bored it out by 2mm, as well as lengthened the stroke by 5.4mm, taking the reputably docile and smooth 798cc motor to a monsterous 898cc. Husqvarna has altered the 0º crankshaft to a 315º configuration, which the company says creates a more aggressive feel to the bikes’ power delivery and subsequent performance.

Thanks to modified valving, compression ratio, and various other mechanical wizardry, both the base model Nuda 900 and higher-spec Nuda 900R will make 105 hp and 73.8 lbs•ft of torque.  Weight is expected to be in the neighborhood of 380-385 lbs. Couple those numbers with top of the line equipment from Brembo, Sachs, and Ohlins and you have a recipe for smiles on the faces of hooligan’s around the globe.


August 2011 Fighter of the Month Winner – Kaenmuro

Left Side KaenmuroPaint Kaenmuro


Road Rage and the mild mannered citizen

You want me to smell your what?

A car whips over into your lane as you approach a red light, slicing off your path of travel and causing you to brake excessively and skid.  Do you fly into a tirade of verbal assault and berate the driver and all people within earshot “just because”? If you had been in a car and the same thing happened, would you respond differently or does the vulnerability you have when motorcycling change your reaction?

In this guys opinion the latter is usually true and as I age I have put more and more thought into how we as the motorcycling community handle situations like this.  Now I’m not saying that we all need to prance merrily thru the streets with cagers and sing kumbaya, but we don’t have to kill each other over simple mistakes that harm no one. I’m all for a person learning their lessons and accountability, but sometimes it’s much easier to admit fault (whomever’s) and move on.  Some people just process at a different rate of speed.

Sadly though as motorcycling rises in popularity for its freedom from four wheeled solitude and also the lighter hit to the wallet afforded by high MPG’s, that just means that there are more of us out there NOT being paid attention too.  Traffic deaths involving cars, trucks, busses, and tractors versus motorcycles continue to rise.


July 2011 Fighter of the Month Winner – Cabbie

Right Side Angle CabbieLeft Side View Cabbie


June 2011 Fighter of the Month Winner – R3voltn1

R3voltn1 Handlebar ViewFront Left Angle View R3voltn1Up Angle Right Rear R3voltn1R3voltn1 Rear End View


You’re doing it wrong

you wish you looked this good

I was reading a popular eco based blog recently and the discussion of earth topsoil conservation came up.  Did you know that less then 1% of the earth’s surface is paved?  Just a measly one damn percent for you to get out and enjoy unless you are of the ADV persuasion, and if you are I am sorry. (No ADV riders were harmed in the writing of this article unless you count their feelings which of course they don’t have anyhow because they are lifeless iron assed automatons)

If you are a thrill seeker, which I think inherently most motorcycle enthusiasts are by nature, then you don’t need to get out and sail the Pacific ocean in a one man boat made from duct tape or climb Kilimanjaro blindfolded to get your kicks.  You need to get out and ride every single paved road you can find that connects point A to point B and do it with a smile on your face knowing that the worst incident free day motorcycling is still a shit load better then the best day at work.  And if any of you reading this get to motorcycle for a living, then kiss my corporate American ass because I am green with envy.