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Why we do it

“My recommendation is you don’t get back on the bike for a few weeks”


Those were the words that echoed from the doctor’s mouth as he spoke to my good friend Greg  at the hospital where Greg had arrived a short time ago via an air ambulance affectionately known in the Southern Wisconsin area as MEDflight. While racing his CR250 at Aztalan Raceway in Lake Mills Wisconsin, Greg had misjudged his approach to a nasty tabletop to step down that sent riders plummeting down the equivalent to what seemed like forever, but was actually about 30 feet. He subsequently over jumped it to flat much like Honda factory rider Doug Henry had done at Budds Creek Maryland. The landing and brutal dismount rendered Greg unconscious for some time and when he awoke, unaware of his surroundings and what had happened, he began to fight with EMT’s which they took as possible head trauma. So, off to University Hospital via the sky.
After receiving attention by some of the finest doctor’s in the Midwest, Greg was found to have rung his bell quite well and had a mild concussion to accompany all the bruises and swelling that are part of any motorcrossers daily grind.


That guy doesn’t know me very well”


IMS 2012 – International Motorcycle Show at Jacob Javits Center in NYC, New York

The International Motorcycle Show (IMS) makes its way around the country every winter to keep all of us hibernating bikers chomping at the bit for the upcoming riding season. Billed as “The World’s Largest Motorcycle Show,” it features all of the major motorcycle manufacturers, as well as helmet and gear companies, aftermarket parts manufacturers, motorcycle insurance companies, stunt shows, food concessions, and about anything else you can think of related to the lifestyle.


Who’s Who of CF – Oldrider

Lance A. Lewsader: Well we all know you as EMom or Donna or Oldrider and the simplest of all Gavin’s Mother. We also know you came to us through a great tragedy.  What we want to know is what makes you who you are. Never have I seen you with a negative comment. Not even in the face of those who would say negative to you.

Oldrider: I think what we learn along the our path in life, is what shapes & molds us into who we are, even though it changes as we go along. I try to always be ‘positive’ in everything & especially when dealing with people.  The Bible says a kind/quiet/soft word (don’t know which one of those, since I can’t really quote the Bible), turneth away wrath.  My version is, if you really want to be the ‘winner’ in any argument, or personal attack, be prepared to be ‘nice’. Drives ’em crazy if they can’t get under your skin & make you fight back. Also, makes them stop & think about the level of maturity THEY are displaying for the world to see. Works EVERY time! :)
I also have an over-developed sense of loyality & I like to ‘help’ if at all possible. I hate it when someone is unhappy, or suffering, & for whatever reason, I usually side with the underdog.  :(


Customfighters teams with Bell Helmets for giveaway!

Recently the good folks at Bell offered up two lids to be given away to the most deserving of all those who entered the contest. After pouring over the streams of incoming stories about why everyone felt they needed to win, we eventually decided on the two lucky winners.  We asked them to provide us some pictures and a small message. Luckily for us, one is a photographer, since the other is deployed with just a “camera” phone lol.  Surprisingly enough both of the winners chose the same helmet! I guess the RSD design is a hit! Congrats to the both of you, and thanks to Bell Helmets! Big props go out to Bell Helmets for helping to keep our streetfighting brothers and sisters safe on their day to day battles.


The folks responsible