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Interview with Roland Sands
of Roland Sands Design & Performance Machine

By: DougZ

DZ: I think its safe to say, that most people in the bike building world may be great at what they do, but don't necessarily have the exposure they deserve, until shows on television, like Biker Build Off, American Chopper, etc, bring them to a wider audience? What are your thoughts on the impact of TV on the bike building world, and is it a good thing, or a bad thing?

RS: TV has certainly boosted the popularity of the custom bike scene and the exposure has been great for many builders and bike businesses. It can also be negative in the sense that the face of the industry is a fighting father and son combo who build choochoo train bikes.

DZ: From the reading I have done, you started your bike modifying career working with your family at Performance Machine. You now have started your own company, Roland Sands Design. Tell me the good and bad of working with in the PM company, and the difference when you went out on your own with RSD. What you liked better about each and what you like less.

RS: I still work with PM on a daily basis, but I'm in my own building with my own people. I can steer the ship a little better now.

DZ: You also had a really great racing career. I think its probably a fair statement, that you are like me, and as long as it has two wheels, you like it. If you had to pick one, which do you like more, tearing up a set of knee pucks on the track or a nice set of twisties, or a nice relaxing cruise on one of your bikes on some nice scenic roads?

RS: It's a toss up between ripping up the canyons and single track technical off road.

Roland in his racing days:

DZ: Along the same lines as above....if you had to get rid of all your bikes but one, what would it be? Cruiser, custom, sportbike, fighter?

RS: For riding, my Ducati Hypermoto that's coming next week. I like versatile bikes. For customs I'd keep the Glory Stomper.

The Glory Stomper:

DZ: You have been featured on a boatload of shows and you have a favorite that you recall, and why is that one your favorite?

RS: My first build off was really fun. I worked with my boy Johnny Chop and we built an amazing bike and had an insane time.

This bike was built in honor of Johnny Chop..a friend of Rolands. This was also the bike that won Rolands second biker build off, against Jesse Rooke.

No Regrets:

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