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German Chocolate – Bad Bikes’ 97 Suzuki Bandit

German Chocolate - Bad Bikes Custom StreetfighterWe recently spoke with Gonzo of in Germany about his recent build, called Hot Chocolate. Because of his dislike for flash Gonzo went with an industrial color of brown with no shine to it. This single bike will disprove many people’s opnions that there could never be a good looking brown bike! He wanted to build something nobody else would. Props to you Gonzo for accomplishing such a feat! He normally builds the newer bikes, k2+ GSXRs are his favorite, but decided to go with something a tad older but still popular – this ’97 Bandit. This 43 year old bike builder and company owner from Germany has been doing this for years now and has built over 300 custom bikes in his day. He turns out at least one new fighter body work set per year.

The custom bug bit Gonzo back when he was still riding pedal bikes. He moved onto cars, and eventually motorcycles, working on his own and friends bikes. He eventually decided to turn it from a hobby into a business building custom bikes and creating awesome body work! Gonzo loves the streetfighter scene, he says the fighters represent freedom and fun on the streets.