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Default Re: Engine Rebuild, Honing and piston ring question?!

Originally Posted by RatFighter View Post
Somewhere in the book there should be a minimum/maximum amount of tolerance for valve springs.

Most measurements look like this, can also have the procedure call for it to be off the head too, been forever since I've been in a early ZX6 engine so I'm not sure what the book calls for in this case.

You can also check them for squareness too.

There is also a test for compression of the spring rate too.

When my brother and I were working on a ZX6A we found extremely worn valves, so make sure to inspect the valve faces as well, the ones in the old ZX6A were worn so bad they had an edge on them that could cut paper.

Found some old pics too. Fresh engines are so sexy.
Thanks RatFighter, A very detailed and helpful response! Sorry about all the questions im just worried about my first engine rebuild haha dont know what im getting myself into XD I have just ordered a new Haynes manual as I somehow lost my old one ... oops haha so hopefully that will shed some light on dimensions and tolerances but thankyou again! you guys are awesome!
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