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Fuck it, let's do it live

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Originally Posted by shinyribs View Post
The FZ has throttle cables. It's a thing supposedly called "injetor decel cut" that gives these bike their strong engine braking. Tuners disable this to remove the engine braking. Lots of guys complain about a twitchy throttle and blame it on this, but the throttle feels fine to me and I dig the engine braking. A lot.

I have no popping on decel unless I'm really running the bike hard. Like, regularly hitting 8k rpm+ for 10min or so (redline is 10k). Even then it's just a little burble here and there. I average 53-55 mpg riding like a hoon and can get about 60 acting civilized. I tried to really ride easy one time and got 65mpg. That was painfully boring. Flying down the interstate at 90mph gives me around 50mpg. The tuned guys are getting sub 40mpg taking it easy and low 30's playing with the bike.

When the fuel light is flashing I typically put in 2.5-2.7 gallons. I couldn't stand getting 30'ish mpg with that little range. I don't think these common guys offering mail inecu services for these bikes have their shit together completely. Way too many complaints with people after the flashes. Cold stalling, popping on decel, poor fuel economy, immobilizer malfunctions...not worth the 3hp IMO.

When I changed the plugs at 10k miles they looked great. No signs of glazing or detonation. I can't see where the engine is complaining, and I still surprise myself occasionally when the front lifts in 3rd or 4th. I'm probably leaving a little power on the table, but I think I'm good
Off-the-shelf tunes are crap. Period.

Take your shit to a proper, well-reputed performance shop with a dyno where you can talk to the guy about what you want out of your bike. Just smoothing out the powerband, going for smoothness and efficiency optimization, can make a huge difference in feel.
And there's always a good bit of room for improvement on the factory mapping... they tune for the average as well as to meet environmental regulations. Every single individual engine is a little bit different, and your altitude/avg humidity/avg air temp/mods to your bike/riding style are likely not what the factory optimized their shit for. It's one of the most worthwhile things you can do to your bike and for a basic map refinement like that it's generally around a few hundred bucks... about as much as a good can, or a set of tires.
The place you bought the bike from could probably refer you to a place, or hit up your local racing organization to see who they recommend. It's a totally different thing to the garbage off-the-shelf or "send us your ECU" stuff.

Think of it like setting your suspension up to what some guy on a forum recommends vs actually learning how it works and setting it up for your weight/riding style/road conditions.

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Originally Posted by Poopie View Post
Everything should be turbo'd, and what the fuck is a budget?
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