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Default Re: 2009 Buell XB12Scg custom II

The first stage is drawing some sketches. I like the Freedy's Buell and I decided to take it is as reference for my sketches.

I was planning to use SolidWorks for 3D design and Microsoft Paint for quick sketches. So I went to GrabCad web side first and tried to find as much Buell 3D files as possible. But the only useful thing I found is the Buell XB engine model. So credit for the engine 3D model goes to this guy . This is pretty close reverse engineered model of the Buell XB engine external geometry and it perfectly useful for me.

So nothing else useful I was able to found. Fortunately I already had CAD model of Buell XB fuel tank. And this tank model is not reverse engendered CAD model, it is native CAD model designed by Buell and somehow leaked from them! I found this model on GrabCad web site many years ago and downloaded it but now I can not find it there for some reason anymore. Probably somebody reported about it to Harley and they deleted the model from the GrabCAD web site.

So here is the reference geometry I found in the Internet:

But I still needed whole motorcycle 3D model for the project. I had some components 3D CAD models from my previous projects like 240 mm rear wheel, front brake air scoop and so on so it helped a little. The rest of the parts should be reverse engineered.

I started scanning whole motorcycle and build CAD model of the components. I used Next Engine 3D Scanner, pretty slow, not super accurate and difficult to use 3D scanner, but this is the only thing I had access to.

The 3D scanning preparation process includes putting reference points on the part (they need especially if part large, smooth and has no noticeable features for reference). it is necessary for scanning the object from different angles and putting scanned areas together aligning them using the reference points.

I used plasticine for reference points

Then I covered glossy or dark parts with Developer Spray so the 3D scanner can see the object

And then I scanned all external parts of the motorcycle:

After 3D scanning you have cloud of points in 3D space like this

But these clouds of points are useless for CAD design. I had to use these 3D meshes as reference and build CAD models of the parts with mathematically determined faces (3D CAD models) in SolidWorks. This works takes enormous amount of time, especially for parts required surface modeling like LSL Headlight, airscoops, airbox cover and so on.

Parallel to this reverse engineering work I started sketching options for the motorcycle appearance. I used SolidWorks screenshots of the 3D models overlapped above the motorcycle pictures and Microsoft Paint program for sketching.

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