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physician is a good noobiephysician is a good noobie

Here it is! After some years away from this board i'm starting my firsy winter build to bring me motivation.

Here a kickoff picture as it was last sunday when i decided to get into the competition

ong story short, i bought it in may 2019 with a bad 2nd gear hoping to swap the engine it had for the suposedly working spare one it came with. It work but had real low compression and leak oil everywhere... i put 10 miles on it..
That day i decide to build ut the way i wanted it from day one.

It came with zx12r wheels swingarm and forks already installed. I dreamed about installing vfr sssa and wheels on both ends and repinting it.

The bike sat with no engine as i was looking for a donor gsxr or b12 to give its heart. Then early october this came up in a facebook wanted thread.

In other place i would have clean and run it as is but here a gsxr cost 1600$ a year in registration... so i got it for cheap..
7/11 with the desired sssa and 8 spoke rear.. with a(i think) yoshimura header and muffler. I test drive it and even with low psi on 2 cyl (will have to check valves and redo comp test) it goes quick.
Fast forward to last week, bith bikes were striped and then, today i did a quick mockup.

The engine is quickly put in with only the rear lower engine bolt, slingshot 750 front and its vfr wheel. The front will b installed to provided a low cost speedometer optio from the gsxr as i did not have one with the zx12 front.
Installation of the vfr rear will wait until the engine and body works are modified to fit as i can ride on tbe zx1w rear this summer if i dont have enough time.

Enough words for now.

So the to-do list:
Make a running bike.
Position engine
Make engine mounts.
Adapt bodywork (trim or move tank and fairing)
Move fuel valve.
Adapt exhaust
Redo compression test and fix if needed.
Fix engine oil leak.
Rewire the bike

If there is time:
Make a clean bike.
Repair cracked fairings.
Recover seat
Repaint the body oem or not.
Install sssa.

Now: go to work as family and jobs dont make for lots of wrench time

Pauverty leading to ingenuity
Cafe/oldschool bike build
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