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Default Gsxr swingarm to bandit frame alignment

Ok, so hereís what Iím upto, got a bandit 1200 and am looking at putting a k6 gsxr 750 swingarm in.

Iíll be using the gsxr shock

Pivot is 22mm vs bandit 20mm, Iíve ordered some 22mm od 20mm id precision dom tube to sleeve the bandit pivot.

Tricky to ream the holes and use the gsxr pivot as the nuts are too large for the recess in the side of the frame.

Top shock mount Ďmayí be ok, it fits, hopefully front/back alignment works, bottom linkage will need to be made up - funnily enough the centerstand mount is the same width but would need some reinforcing if the position was even correct.

Swingarm pivot width, gsxr is 10.85mm wider than bandit, now initially, without thinking, i did all the measurements from the cs sprocket and chain guide, worked out that the chain side mount could stay and remove material from the brake side of the frame, the chain line would then be good.
This obviously wouldnít be great for shock and wheel alignment, next I took all measurements from the shock mount centrelines on both the frame and also both swingarms.

I came up with -4.75 on the chain side and -6.1 on the brake side (material required to be removed from swingarm frame pivot)
Now, this should allow the three shock and linkage mounts to all be in line, my question is, and I donít have a rear wheel to check, is the Center line of the shock mounts on the swingarm in line with the center of the rear wheel and are the frame shock mounts in line with the front wheel?
Basically Iím lining everything up left and right using the shock centres as datum points, chain alignment will have to be secondary - space front sprocket out 4.75mm, or rear in, or a combination.

Am I missing anything?

Thanks for any help, suggestions

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