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Default Re: angled frame slugs

Originally Posted by shinyribs View Post
Cast metals in general are weldable.

Cast iron is a pain in the ass because it's iron, not because it's cast.

Cast aluminum welds very easily. Cast steel seems pretty much the same to me.
cast is typically dirtier than extruded or cold rolled, and there are alloys that can't reasonably be welded (as is true of extrusions/rolled)
Originally Posted by shinyribs View Post
All welders need special filler wires/rods for certain alloys, so that's not a plus or minus for any machine. Matching filler rod to parent metal is just part of the welding process in general.

And yes, I am slow! But there's science and physics and shit at play I can't make metal wet/flow any faster than it's gonna just because I've decided I'm a good welder.

And you don't really need a special gun to weld aluminum with a MIG. Wire feed welders were invented because of aluminum welding. It was their main reason for existing. Since aluminum filler consumes so quickly it was a huge pain in the ass trying to weld with rods, so they developed the fed spools of wire. Keep those factory workers pumping out products.

The spool gun is just to keep the filler wire clean of other filler wire's left behind dust ( I know you know this, Mac). But not all MIG machines weld aluminum nicely- gun or not- it's just not that cut and dried. My MIG won't do aluminum worth a shit, my buddies welder lays out beautiful aluminum beads. There's so many in's and out's to welding machines...I'm not smart enough to know it all.
a spool gun also feeds better: since aluminum wire is soft, you're more likely to have feed problems in the liner.
Originally Posted by mcantar View Post
You're not wrong re. having the right filler. The difference is that with MIG, stainless and alum are far less common than the various flavors of mild steel filler wire available, and between that and the amount you have to buy it in (because it's a spool instead of a few sticks) it ends up being more expensive than running a different metal with TIG.

Amperage, gas flow rate and type, tungsten grind angle and truncation, tungsten size, standoff from the weld, etc. all play into it. Run hotter, lets you move faster, lets you weld for less time, lets you use less gaas.

I don't know of the history of wire feeders, but contamination from other metal in the hose liner is only part of it. The larger issue is that aluminum is generally too soft to be pushed through a long MIG hose, so you either have a spool gun where the spool is, obviously, on the gun (I hate these), or you have a push-pull gun with a dedicated hose that does what it sounds like.
you can get away with running it in a normal MIG setup if the liner is in good shape and you're especially careful about avoiding tighter bends on the lead

I can't imagine anyone here has experience with pushing rope

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