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Default Re: What was your last purchase?

Originally Posted by Junkie View Post I'm tempted to pick that up just to see how shitty everything inside is
Do it! I've found that the design of Chinese garbage is actually generally decent (because they copy it from the real thing)... where their products suffer is material quality and finishing (deburring ports and such). If the material isn't garbage, popping it open and deburring some rough edges or remaking a small piece might get you a decent unit.

Originally Posted by shinyribs View Post
Cheap enough for a test ride, but the seller doesn't accept returns, so something to consider.
Doesn't matter, you can still return it. The "Accept Returns?" box on the seller page is effectively useless... a buyer can still open a return case for a handful of reasons and eBay forces the seller to comply. The seller can either accept your return within X days and provide a shipping label to get their item back, or ignore it... in which case eBay issues the buyer a refund and deducts the amount from the seller whether they agree or not and they don't get the item back.

Ebay is VERY anti-seller, and gets moreso by the day (almost literally, there's a new "seller update" every couple months and every single time there's some new rule that puts sellers at even more of a disadvantage as well as raising fees). Many many sellers have quit their eBay stores in recent months as it's just too costly to eat the returns from shitty buyers on top of the fee increases and useless customer service.
They're trying to become more like Amazon, and are actively pushing low-volume and small-time sellers off the site. In the process of that they're alienating a significant portion of their sellers, and all that will be left by this time next year is the Chinese knockoff stuff and a handful of large-volume outfits here in various niches.

So yeah... don't let the "does not accept returns" thing deter you there.

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Originally Posted by Poopie View Post
Everything should be turbo'd, and what the fuck is a budget?
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