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Fuck it, let's do it live

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Default Re: What was your last purchase?

Originally Posted by SEBSPEED View Post
Do you have to change the earbud tips to tune the sound?
The eartips, cables, and equalizer (obviously) all have an effect on sound. The eartips in particular have different size inner bores as well as different sealing qualities that effect noise isolation. Did a bit of preliminary listening and adjusted my phone's EQ a little based off my ears and this graph so that end's already covered.

For the eartips... top left are "balanced," top right are "vocal," bottom left are memory foam, bottom right are "bass." The vocal-oriented tips have a firmer stem with a slightly smaller bore than the bass tips, balanced are somewhere in the middle of those, and the foam seem to have the largest bore and in general foam tips seal best but I'm not usually a fan of the light constant pressure (same with foam earplugs).

Playing with them right now actually, liking the foamies the best for sound, no surprise there. The bass tips have a little bit brighter sound with less meat to it, which I like less, but the comfort is better so I'll probably run them when I'm at work and have them in all day.

The factory cables are pretty nice and I otherwise wouldn't replace them, but they're audio only and I really need an inline mic/remote to take calls and pause music at work. Have an email in to Null Audio to see if they can do a MMCX connector with a curved strain relief on these.

Shoot me a text tomorrow and remind me, I can probably find some spare carbide burrs in my work toolbox and send em over to ya.

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Originally Posted by Poopie View Post
Everything should be turbo'd, and what the fuck is a budget?
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