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  1. Beginner Streetfighter Questions
    Hey guys, I'm brand new here. I ride dirtbikes, and have for the last 10 years. Never been on a street bike. That being the case I just got a strong urge to get on the street. So i bought an 06 gsxr 750 that had been laid down and had some parts stripped off it and sold. I'm working on putting...
  2. Member Project Bikes
    Here's the bike when I first got it off of Craigslist. Crashed by the PO and modded poorly with upside-down bars, broken levers, and a $30 Chinese fairing with kitchen light bulbs. Note also the broken left footpeg stay and rusted out chain. :doh:
  3. New Member Introductions (For Noobs!)
    Hey everyone! I've been lurking for a while, but finally decided to say hi. I've been riding for a few years, but on an old 81 Honda CB650. Needless to say, Honda's sold and now I've got a new ride to mod. Bought a 2006 Ninja 650R on Craigslist for $1700 :excellent:. A few hours and a few...
  4. Beginner Streetfighter Questions
    Hey, I've got another total noob question here: I'm converting an 06 Ninja 650R. Is there anywhere I can buy a bracket to mount my stock gauges to the forks? I realize that most guys can just fab one, but I don't have access to a welder. Right now, I'm running dual aftermarket headlights...
1-4 of 4 Results