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  1. New Member Introductions (For Noobs!)
    Sup guys, ive been a member for a while but never made it to this thread. Well that ends here, Im Lewis and from Maryland. I got a 98 Honda CBR 900rr about 7 months ago and its been a real "frankin bike. " My plans for my streetfightrer project include: -ebay 7/8 bars and risers -koso DB-01r...
  2. Member Project Bikes
    What's up everyone? I am relatively new when it comes to posting to the forum, but have been lurking around for a while as I have been building my first streetfighter. I have been around motorbikes for the last ten years -- mostly Honda RC51s, 1000rr, and GSXR-1000 K5/K6. Basically have taken...
  3. New Member Introductions (For Noobs!)
    Hi. My name is Alex. And i am addicted to riding... My street fighter is a 1997 Honda CBR900RR with R8 headlight, stock forks with new internals, r1 tail and r1 race baffles, Aprilla swingarrm and some straight bars. I just became her owner, and must say i enjoy riding her more and more...
  4. Member Project Bikes
    Hello everyone! My name is Brandon. I have posted in the newbie section and I have lurked for a a month or two. I bought this 1995 900 RR last summer. It has been fully checked out and has a swapped identical 900 RR engine with roughly 11,000 miles. The bike It's self has about 58,000...
  5. Member Project Bikes
    93' cbr900rr Pirate Scurvy Streetfighter BUILD 1993 900rr BONE STOCK 35k i bought it for 2200 Bucks. What is going to happen with it? 1. RIP OFF THE FUCKEN JAP PLASTICS!!! 2. Install a mean lookin headlight/reroute wiring harness and fuse box 3. Cut sub-frame and fabricate a new one to fit a...
  6. New Member Introductions (For Noobs!)
    Hello, I have been building a 900RR fighter on a budget for a few years. I use the bike as a daily commuter, so down time has been an issue. Let me know what you think!
  7. Streetfighter Help Needed!
    I got a cbr 900rr I was wondering if there are any interchangeable subframes looking to put a newer r1 subframe and tail but also heard that a gsxr 1000 subframe will bolt right on I'm looking to do minimal fabrication if you got any ideas or answers please help thanks a lot
  8. Archived Classifeds
    Selling my one-off Mcintosh machining CBR900RR triple trees. Upper and lower trees are 2" thick. Came off the multi-published AVON TYRES Snake Charmer built by us a few years ago. The bike has since been thru a few complete design changes including the current re-do. The trees are USED of...
  9. Member Project Bikes
    Thought I had better start a proper build thread rather than sticking my updates in the welcome center! So this is the Blade as I originally got it, the previous owner kindly also provided the dented tank, dented frame, cracked rear fairings, bad paint job and all at no extra cost (how lucky am...
  10. Streetfighter pics
    greetings from vancouver b.c heres some pictures of my 1994 Honda CBR 900rr. There sure a some awesome bikes on this forum hope mine meets the communites standards. Chris
  11. Archived Classifeds
    i know ppl arent gonna want me to get rid of it. but it has to go. last night i got yet another ticket on it. long story short i didnt have any gas in my truck so i rode my bike to work while having a suspended lisc. and i got pulled resulting in 3 tickets the most serious of which may include...
1-12 of 12 Results