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    So, Adam bought a GSXR 600 Front End a while back (over a year ago, at least) from somewhere on this site... if it was you, please send me a message, as he had a question about it..... Thank you!!!
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    Okay, I am bringing this to the attention of the CF crew.... Is it REALLY that unreasonable to ask for just ONE thing for Christmas??? .... A baby GEEEEERAF!!!!! I mean, it's so cute, and could totally cuddle with Adam and Frankie... and me, and... could live on my mom's farm... and, it...
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    Im thinking that if this bike sits in my garage any longer, its going to get further hacked up....also thinking if I sell it I will have something else to hack up. Bikes JUST been fully cleaned up. nice polish. nice paint. cleaned up wiring. Its at a good point right now. I'd say its level 2...