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  1. New Member Introductions (For Noobs!)
    Hey guys, my name is Vince. I'm 27, from the suburbs of Chicago, IL (Itasca). I've been a long time rider of snowmobiles, dirtbikes, and smaller displacement classics (my dad had an early 70's CB450 and a '78 (I think) CB650) since I was young. On my 13th birthday, he bought me my first bike, a...
  2. StreetFighter Articles
      Click here more information about CTLuba's streetfighter, and more pictures! Q&A With The Winner: Lance A. Lewsader: What got you into motorcycles? CTLuba: I got into motorcycles like every kid, dirt bikes!!! LL: What got you into Streetfighters? CT: I got into street fighters while...
1-2 of 2 Results