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  1. Streetfighter Help Needed!
    So my bike completely shut off on me the other day driving down the highway,electronics completely died, figured it was the battery , it was ,wouldn't hold a charge above 9.0,replaced the battery and is running strong, but now my r/r melted and smoked on me ,i thought the r/r maybe just had...
  2. New Member Introductions (For Noobs!)
    hey everyone. ive been hangin around on this site for a while now gathering ideas and info for my first build and i have it mostly completed now so i feel like i owe those who inspired me the opportunity to see what i ended up with. im not sure if i should just post the whole build with...
  3. Streetfighter Help Needed!
    Hey all, so i'm finally getting around to messing with my new (to me) bike and I had a question. I want to take off the rear fender so the bike looks a bit less garish, but when I started pulling screws off I noticed that the rear brake cable seems to be secured to the fender. Has anyone had...
1-3 of 3 Results