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  1. Brakes and Suspension
    Hi, I recently binned my yamaha mt03 as a result I bent my front forks. I thought this was a fantastic opportunity to putt a set of upside down forks on, I have always wanted some but needed a good enough reason to change them so this is my ticket. However as most of you know it is not as...
  2. Paint and Bodywork
    Whats up guys, Im new to the forums so I apologize if Im in the wrong section. Heres my situation: Im 18 and wanted to get into riding, so last summer I bought a pretty beat up 1994 fzr600 and made it street legal and rideable, expecting I would upgrade this year to an r6 or something. Instead...
  3. Beginner Streetfighter Questions
    Really noob question here... But where do most of you get the tails and subframes that you use in conversions? eBay? craigslist? And what is a standard price that I can expect for them both? Thanks in advance -Ben