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  1. General Streetfighter Discussion
    Idk were to post this so please move if need be. Anyway, I got sideswiped last night and the guy drove off. I'm ok ass hurts. Bike is in need of a few things now. And is kj4kym said, guess I'm a true fighter now my friends. And it ground the side of my snuff can a lil lol. All in...
  2. Track Riding
    hey just thought id ask because everyone i ask has a different opinion. some say accelerate others roll off throttle? i've also heard rear brake and even let go of the bars. any ideas or experiences?
  3. Streetfighter Help Needed!
    i slid my 99 cbr 600 through the dirt on its right side. cracked windshield, bent rear brake foot control, the bike seems fine physically but it acts like theres a kill switch flipped or like if i tried to start it in gear with the kickstand down or something. Is there a tip-over switch that...
1-3 of 3 Results