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  1. US Rides
    Anyone going? We didn't get a booth, but did enter a couple bikes in the show...they'll be easy to find. Look for skully on the floor beneath the judged bikes. Apparently there is something to do with midgets at the show :confused: They're calling it the "motorcycles, midgets, and mayhem...
  2. 2010 Fighter of the Month Contests
    ENTER HERE FOR THE OCTOBER FIGHTER OF THE MONTH CONTEST! Entry deadline is the 21st of October YOU MUST HAVE 50 OR MORE POSTS TO ENTER!!! NO POSTS OTHER THAN ENTRIES! ALL OTHER POSTS WILL BE DELETED! All Entries MUST Include: A streetfighter you own 4-8 pictures of the bike List of...
  3. General Streetfighter Discussion
    Don't know if you guys saw the new blog post yet, but I've been talking with a big group of Indonesians who've got their own little fighter scene going with some pretty cool and innovative work going into them. They are limited to small cc bikes and have to import everything they get that is...
1-3 of 3 Results