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  1. Photoshop Fighters
    I need help for a lil project im working on. Will rep for help.
  2. General Streetfighter Discussion
    Now a long time ago I was told that front sprockets had to be put on with an impact gun to ensure they stay on. I was also told to only take them off in the same manor. Can anybody shed some light on this? :wtf:
  3. New Member Introductions (For Noobs!)
    Hi peeps, been watchin for a while now , thought it was time to join in!!!!! I'm old enough to now better but cant get these damd bike things out of my system, been riding for too long & the old body tells me to give up, but sod that!!!! Currently riding a TLS & been fighting a CBR 400 for a...
  4. General Streetfighter Discussion
    I got tired of looking at my radiator cap with the "wings" on it. So with a little research I found that the Suzuki Boulevard series bikes have round caps. I got one of these on ebay for ~$6, looks waaay better.
  5. Member Project Bikes
    Right then... Completed my Oldskool gixer powered Zed and moved onto something a little more modern. Now do i start from the beginning and a rough run up to where i am now, or a little more detailed? i've been building this for over a year now. Still can't believe how slow it's been. I keep...
  6. Bike Specific Streetfighter Pics
    I know theres already a Suzuki GSXR Thread, but im going to break it down again into Oil Cooled and Water Cooled Threads, im going to try and upload about 10 pics a day on both and also the other manufacturers aswell, i'll prob double up on a few so apologies in advance.. :rock:
  7. Member Project Bikes
    Just found this website and love the bikes and custom mods! I'm working on a custom streetfighter, but not sure if you guys are into smokers around here. I would appreciate any advice or tips on modding you guys can provide. I've made a lot of progress, but still have a long way to go. The...
1-7 of 18 Results