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  1. Heavy Metal
    Tooling around in CAD, I've got a subframe designed for my bike. I know nothing of tube bending. Could I get something like this fabricated? Any idea what it'd cost? And does anyone know a good shop that does this kind of work in the US? Bonus points if they're in Seattle/PNW.
  2. Paint and Bodywork
    Hi new here do hope things are good! Was going to fabricate using metal however going for fiberglass as its just easier What brand foam blocks should I use to create/mold the shape of my seat pan, it's going to be 70’s track bike with a tail Also any brands for resin and fibreglass? That...
  3. Member Project Bikes
    Hi guys and girls! My name is Jordan, and I run a metal art and fabrication shop called Kern Creations. I have always been interested in custom bikes, and street fighters are my favorites. So I recently picked up this beauty.... She is a 92 Kawasaki ZX600, and will be receiving my own special...
  4. Heavy Metal
    Just an idea but I've got an old 88 fz750 and the fairings are shot. I've been thinking about fabricating my own fairings but out of sheet metal. It might sound crazy but I think the finished product would look sweet. Im thinking about placing sheets of 1/16th in metal in the openings of the...
  5. Heavy Metal
    Trying to make something with 2 rotating tube and something to lock them in place. I found this product which as the rotating tubes and a clean way to lock them that doesn't involve a bolt through the tubes. I've tried to get in touch with the company to know where I could get the longer...
  6. Photoshop Fighters
    i need someone to show me what this beast would look like with the tail chopped single seat, an undertail pipe and the radiator moved to another location. -- Thanks family lol
  7. 2012 Streetfighter Buildoff
    NOV 1ST 2011 - MAY 26TH 2012 Threads should be titled with Your name, bike and project title (if you have one) for example: 929_Adam's CBR 929 - Project Sea Bee Arrrr All entrants MUST post pictures showing the bike in its starting condition with legitimate proof of date in the picture -...
1-7 of 7 Results