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  1. Paint and Bodywork
    Hello. I want to use clay to make a plug for a fiberglass mold.What is the best way to seal the clay in order to lay fiberglass? Thanks
  2. Paint and Bodywork
    Say you have a part like this one: (left radiator shroud?) How do you manage to re-create it's opposite/mirror image to have a matching right side?
  3. Paint and Bodywork
    Hi guys and girls, I'm struggling to decide what i want to do in regards to the back end. I'm coming to the end of my project, with only the off-set sprocket and the rear end re-welding. But i haven't decided what I want and what it will look like. Ive got 2 seats, 1 stock and 1 from a j1...
  4. Member Project Bikes
    Hi there people. I have just bought this GS550 1982. It had many modification already done. Such as the rear part the front fork, rims, handle bar etc. LIST OF WORK TO DO: 1) MAKE IT START AS IT IS, 2) EFI CONVERSION. 3) CUSTOM FRAME ALTERATIONS 4) FULL FIBERGLASS BODY WORK. 5) EXHAUST. I...
  5. Paint and Bodywork
    So i was just looking at Icon's helmet line up and I came across the Icon Construct Airframe helmet and the finish immediately caught my eye. I was just wondering if anyone knows how to get this type of finish. I think it would look pretty bad ass on a tank. you can see the fiberglass coming...
  6. Paint and Bodywork What do you guys think?
1-6 of 6 Results