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fighter of the year
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  1. 2011 Fighter of the Year
    You've narrowed it down to one bike each month for the past 12 months, from some basic homebrew's to creations from some of our favorite masterminds. Now lets see which is the favorite of 2011. Props to everyone, and may the best MACHINE win! Click on the bikes pic for more pics and info...
  2. 2010 Fighter of the Year
    Beautiful Fighters this year folks! Click the names and pics for more info on each month's winner! Best of luck to everyone! And Kudos for all the amazing bikes! January - Seth420 February - CBRRRT March - Pigmool April - ban-1200 May - Motohorho June - Spikeydevilbandit July -...
  3. 2009 Fighter of the Year
    January - MishMash February - Fister March - The Hooligan April - shotgun May - ziomek954rr June - Greencheezeeta [/COLOR][/SIZE] August - Nudist September - icedevil October - Spike November - JDAM December - Yantosh
1-3 of 3 Results