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  1. Beginner Streetfighter Questions
    Fitting uprights on dirt bike risers on my 99 Gixxer. 600 So removed clip ons I'm reading that I require new cables and lines? What do I need guys please? Plus 4-6"?? Obviously I found that some are toooo short for dirt bike bars.....can any one here assist me? In theory, I'm thinking...
  2. Member Project Bikes
    My new project for 2019. I am French and my English is bad. Try to be cool Supercharging a gsxr to enroll in MONSTERS RACE. The goal is to keep a machine exploitable cornering. Not a thing that me satises on the moon with each acceleration. Résumé en image du projet 2019 Rest day + crappy...
  3. Bike Specific Streetfighter Pics
    none of the old school. this thread is for the newer style GSXR's. i'll start with something simple, clean and sexy.
1-3 of 3 Results