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honda=mangina+ teh ghey

  1. General Streetfighter Discussion
    Anyone else read the new cycle world?? Saw what i thought was another Duc SF demo ride and boring review, but it turned out a pretty substantial build. Retro Sbk has built a few very cool bikes in the past year or two, but check out this duc...
  2. Open Discussion
    anyone seen this?? engine built by BIKERBOX??? wtf? looking at all the parts on this, it just looks like a custom? or a backdoor special?? the company that is assembling them - Warm Up has built some sick fighters in the past that we've seen, but this is new. more...
  3. Open Discussion
    My little homey Frankenstein injured his leg recently, no idea how. Kept him on light duty (no running, jumping etc) and took him to the vet who told me to do the same for a couple weeks and gave an anti-inflammatory for him. Went back for a check up on it. . . of course the day before we're...
  4. Streetfighter pics
    JUST ONE!! i need everybody to post up ONE pic, the best pic of your bike for me! cmon now. dont be shy. hook a mod up!! i wanna see a ton of em by tonite. i have a super duper plan to use them. FIGHTERS ONLY!